Laura Veirs


Not many musicians have the longevity to release nine full-length studio albums.  Laura Veirs is one of the few.  The Portland, OR resident has been producing a constant flow of beautiful folk rock and delicately woven lyrical tales since 1999.  It’s only appropriate, then, that Veirs’ new effort, Warp and Weft, is aptly named using the terms for the crossing threads in weaving.  It is tightly constructed, contemplative but also commentative, and weaves together vivid images and stories of lives long gone and some yet to pass.

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One of the seven signs?

Here are 42 reviews that cover three weeks. Lots of stuff has happened in the past three days. Most notably, a couple of musician deaths and the whole mass crisis thing in Haiti. I think Heidi Montag’s album may have brought upon these tragedies, sort of like a precursor to the apocalypse. [read the whole post]



Flipper at Cafe du Nord Friday Night! Bring swim trunks!

Flipper at Cafe du Nord Friday Night! Bring swim trunks!

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