About Us

Who are you guys?

We started as a small group of friends looking for an outlet to talk about all the shows and films we see, and we’ve grown into a group of more than 20 contributors. We all live in the Bay Area, and we all love music and movies. We’re an all-volunteer crew, and we’re likely to stay that way.

Will you review my album, show, etc.?

We’re happy to cover any genre of music at any event at any time. Generally, we only cover bands that have plans to come to the SF Bay Area, as this is where we’re based. If you send a request to [email protected], we’ll consider it for coverage. Frankly, we receive a lot more requests than we can possibly do, so if we don’t get back to you, we’re sorry. Try us again another time.

Will you publish a press release about my tour, album, single, remix, short film, etc.?

Everything we publish is original content. We like to get press releases because we might discover something awesome, but we’re not going to post it.

Can we advertise on Spinning Platters?

Absolutely! Send an email to [email protected] to start a conversation.

I’m a music and movie nerd, too! How can I write for Spinning Platters?

Email [email protected] if you write about music, and [email protected] if you write about film, and say you’re interested. We’ll ask you about your writing history and request a sample of some music or film writing, if you have any. Then we’ll send you back an intentionally scary writers’ guide, and if you’re still interested after reading it, we’ll be glad to have you!

Who designed your logo?

Our logo was designed by Lady Lexx Designs.

Where’d you get the “Spinning Platters Films” photo from?

It’s Creative Commons licensed (yes!) by Insight Imaging: John a Ryan Photography.

Do people pay you to write reviews of their stuff?

Though we’re never paid for any reviews, we’re often given copies of albums to review or given free tickets to the shows we cover. Other times, we pay for these things ourselves. We often mention this within the posts themselves, but other times we don’t. If you have a question about a specific review, please contact [email protected], and we’ll be glad to provide the specifics.


Spinning Platters are:


Gordon Elgart

Senior Editor

Marie Carney

Music Editor

Dakin Hardwick

Film Editor

Carrie Kahn

Film Reviewer Emeritus 

Chad Liffmann

Contributing Film Reviewer 

Chris Piper

Staff Writers

Jessica Lachenal
Becka Robbins
Raffi Yousouffian
Joel Edelman
Caroline Hernandez
Christopher Rogers 
Stacy Scales
Emily Anderson


Gordon Elgart

A music nerd who probably uses that term too much. I have a deep love for bombastic, quirky and dynamic music.

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