Playing for free on the streets of Oakland this Sunday.

With FYF going on down in LA this weekend, we’re getting a decent spillover of excellent shows up here in the Bay Area. Though not quite at Fauxchella levels, it’s nice to have a Faux Your Festival going on right now. And since your regular host for this column, Dakin Hardwick, will be enjoying himself at the real thing, I’ll be guiding you through your options for our fake version.  [read the whole post]


We will make this a little easier for you to navigate.

For four years running now, the good people at Another Planet and Superfly have put together a massive outdoor music festival in the part of San Francisco so far west that most people don’t even know it exists. The weather is unpredictable, the terrain in this portion of Golden Gate Park is difficult, and with 5 stages, decisions are always tough to make. Well, all I can say about the first two is to bring layers and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. As for who to see when? Well, I’ve studied the band schedule and the map, and based on my impeccable taste in music I am ready to present to you the most fulfilling plan for your Outside Lands experience.

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The Flaming Lips call for peace

The Flaming Lips call for peace

Sunday at Treasure Island Music Festival was my first Sunday at the festival. In previous years, I always had something going on that Sunday, or the weather was bad, or I was too darned tired from being at a Mezzanine afterparty on the previous night.  But this year, as a conscientious journalist, I had to come on Sunday and report on the entire day.  Well, almost the entire day.  I should explain. [read the whole post]


Beware the back slash

Beware the back slash

Beirut-March of the Zapotec/Holland

Release Date: February 16, 2009

As a girl who claims to be quite a huge Beirut fan, my natural reaction when I first heard about the newest production from said band was, OMG! I had read in an article in Fader Magazine that front man, Zac Condon, had traveled down to the Oaxaca region of Mexico and recorded with a troop of local musicians known as Banda Jimenez of Teotitlan del Valle. This bit of information made Zapotec all the more exciting, as a blogger of Mexican decent, to feast my ears on. [read the whole post]

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