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SXSW 2017: 32 Instant Band Reviews

April 3, 2017

32 bands in five days. My feet still hurt. For those who aren’t in the know, SXSW is a conference in Austin, TX. It’s a place where folks in the technology, film, comedy, and music worlds come together and share ideas. The music portion is the primary reason why I come down, because it gives […]

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Show Review: Carpenter Brut with Vector Hold at Great American Music Hall, 3/24/2017

March 30, 2017

This is the new synth party in town — and it’s as aggressive as it is danceable An intriguing new in heavy electronic music is a genre known as “dark synthwave”, and numerous artists that fall under its umbrella have been snarling their way into existence. It brings along the sounds of retro analog synths, thundering snares, and wildly […]

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Show Review: Japandroids w/Craig Finn and the Uptown Controllers at The Fillmore, 3/15/2017

March 21, 2017

A passionate, spellbinding set at the final leg of the duo’s North American tour If you can believe it, five long years have passed since the last time that Japandroids came to San Francisco and took over The Fillmore, and it’s been far too long of a wait. Their 2012 work Celebration Rock marked a pivotal shift […]

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Noise Pop Show Review: clipping. with Baseck, DJ Marco De La Vega and 93 Bulls at Starline Social Club, 2/24/2017

March 8, 2017

Exciting evening of noise and rhythm in a new addition to Oakland’s vibrant live music scene It’s hard to find a more jarring juxtaposition of talents and roles than those that Oakland-born hip-hop star Daveed Diggs has possessed as of late. After half a decade building a steady underground following as the MC of noise trio clipping., he became […]

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Show Review: Book of Love, Fever High at DNA Lounge, 2/19/2017

March 6, 2017

  Book of Love played the third of 3 shows with their original lineup (Lauren Roselli Johnson, Jade Lee, Susan Ottaviano, and Ted Ottaviano—no relation) in San Francisco at DNA Lounge. Time will tell whether this will be their last show together, but one thing we know for sure is that this show went off […]

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SF Sketchfest Review: The JV Club w/Janet Varney and guests Rachel Dratch, Jon Hamm, and musical guest Matt Nathanson at Brava Theater Center, 1/28/17

February 13, 2017

I’ve always liked Janet Varney, who I knew almost exclusively from her work with Thrilling Adventure Hour, but once someone made the connection for me that she was one of the co-founders of SF Sketchfest, my admiration for her ratcheted up quite a few notches. So, she’s super funny, and likeable, and charming, and kind of a […]

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SF Sketchfest Review: Rock Solid with Pat Francis, Kyle Dodson, and special guest “Weird Al” Yankovic at Swedish American Hall, 1/21/2017

February 13, 2017

Show 2 of my 3 at this year’s SF Sketchfest was last weekend at Swedish American Hall on a chilly grey Saturday afternoon. What better way to spend such a day than laughing with Pat Francis taping a live Rock Solid podcast with Kyle Dodson and special guest “Weird Al” Yankovic? I couldn’t think of anything […]

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Show Review: Silence! The Musical

February 5, 2017

A biting, hilariously crude musical parody. I don’t believe there’d be many folks who’d argue that Silence of the Lambs isn’t ripe for parody. The distinct characters, the famous lines, the bone-chilling seriousness of it all — all primed for spoofing. The good news is that the feat has been accomplished in a fun, shockingly crude way […]

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SF Sketchfest Review: Turnt Up with Eliza Skinner at The Eureka Theater, 1/27/17

February 1, 2017

Freestyle rap and improv comedy have plenty in common. First, both have some very strict rules: you aren’t supposed to come in with any pre-written material, and you have to adhere to a commonly expected rhythm that is consistent with the rules of your craft. So it seems almost obvious that improv comics would want […]

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SF Sketchfest Review: Kirsten Vangsness: MESS w/The Right Now and Kevin Yee at PianoFight, 1/15/2017

January 27, 2017”>video

It’s that time of year again: SF Sketchfest 2017 is in town, and as always, brings with it the promise of some great talent and good times. It also marks yet another anniversary for me with Spinning Platters (my 6th), which also always makes me smile. Anyway, this year is no exception in terms of […]

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