Zellerbach Hall

The ruins of San Francisco's City Hall after the 1906 earthquake.

Tonight in Oakland, the earth will shake, the sky will burn, and San Francisco will be brought to the ground.

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Photo by Kirk Stauffer

Kristin Chenoweth came to UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall last night for the second date of a 19-city North American tour promoting her newest album, Some Lessons Learned, as well as her campy ABC series GCB. Or at least, that was the plan. Then, late yesterday afternoon, ABC announced their decision to cancel GCB, which is still in its first (and apparently only) season. An uneasy sense of anxiety hung over the sold-out audience me, wondering if and how Chenoweth would address the setback. How devastating of a blow would this be to her? Would she be able to rally by repeatedly shrieking “The show must go on!” and singing scales until shattering a tray of stemware? Or would she barricade herself in her dressing room, listening to “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and sobbing hysterically?

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All I can REALLY say is that you didn’t go to this show, you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life.  Let me tell you all about it.  Maybe you made it up to yourself by seeing it last night in San Francisco, or you can make it up by traveling to faraway lands.  Really, its worth it. [read the whole post]


Patty Griffin performing in Seattle on April 1. Photo by Kirk Stauffer.

Heaven and Hell. Sin and redemption. The pointlessness of our earthly pursuits. Clinging desperately to faith in something good, despite the soul-crushing emptiness of life in a broken world. These were some of the themes of last night’s concert. And by Patty Griffin standards, it was a fairly lighthearted evening.

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