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Pay tribute, mortals.

Pay tribute, mortals.

Tenacious D celebrated more than 20 years of existence at The Castro Theatre last night as part of the opening night of Sketchfest. Due to start at 9:30, the Napoleon Dynamite screening went on a little long, and there was some trouble with the ticketing that caused an additional delay. So we’re on rock n’ roll time here, which seems appropriate for the greatest band in history. Or at least for a tribute. [read the whole post]



Dakin saw this band a million zillion times in 2013, but was it also his favorite album of the year?

We’re closing up shop on last year with one more post. This one lists our individual writers’ top albums of 2013. Their instructions were to send me a list with some brief writing. You’ll see different counts of albums, and some different formats, but find your favorite writer’s list, and you’ll have a good place to finish catching up on the best of 2013.

You should definitely read our Official Top 10 of 2013, and my personal list (the one with male singers on it) lives here. Let’s start this giant multi-page post with our Managing Editor, Dakin Hardwick. [read the whole post]


Men men men, it's a list all filled with men.

Men men men, it’s a list all filled with men.

If you’ve seen our Official Best Albums of 2013, you may have noticed something: there are no male singers on it. When the list was finalized at our year end voting party, I’m pretty sure it was me who said “this is bullshit!” Long followers of Spinning Platters will know that our year end lists have always preferred women to men, but this is the first time we’ve left the male singing voice off altogether. (Some would say that Daft Punk is a male singer album, but everyone knows robots aren’t men.)

I’ve decided to present this alternative Top 10 list of only albums that feature male singers, and submit it as my individual top 10 list for the year, as some sort of silly protest, and also because I don’t want these albums to go undecorated by Spinning Platters. With that, I apologize to Savages, Little Boots and Kavinsky, for you are not male singers, and although I adore your albums, I am kicking them off my list for the greater good. Because if I don’t stand up for these oppressed men of music, who will? [read the whole post]


There's a professional partier underneath all that hair.

There’s a professional partier underneath all that hair.

Last time Spinning Platters caught up with Andrew W.K., he was playing Ramones songs with Marky Ramone’s band and giving me his thoughts on marriage. Having finished that tour, he’s now back on the road with a solo keyboard tour called the Party Hard Holiday Tour.  He brought his particular brand of party rock (better than other brands of party rock) to a new venue called Assembly in Sacramento, and I made the road trip. [read the whole post]


Andrew W.K. with Marky Ramone, playing this Saturday at The Independent

Andrew W.K. with Marky Ramone, playing this Saturday at The Independent

This Saturday night, a ridiculously fun show is coming to The Independent in San Francisco. Marky Ramone, former drummer of New York punk legends The Ramones, has tapped Andrew W.K., professional partier, to sing Ramones classics with his band. Because this might be the most incredible concept in the history of fun, we decided we needed to talk to Andrew W.K. about it. Our conversation touches on the brilliance of simplicity, and I also ask him for some marriage advice.

Gordon:           Are you just preparing for the tour right now? Are you in rehearsals?

[read the whole post]

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Film Review: Riddick

by Gordon Elgart on September 6, 2013

Vin Diesel fans will be overjoyed. The rest of us will pick it apart.

Don't miss with Vin. He'll knife you without hesitation.

Don’t mess with Vin. He’ll knife you without hesitation.

I’ll admit it up front. I only saw Riddick as a favor to my fiancee. She’s got this thing about Vin Diesel that a lot of people have. He’s a real love-him-or-hate-him kind of guy. There was a time back in the ’90s when it looked like he was going to get a shot as a serious actor. His roles in Boiler Room and Find Me Guilty were well received, but now if you want to see Mr. Diesel, it’s in a Fast and Furious movie, or it’s as the titular character, Riddick. [read the whole post]


Part One of the Spinning Platters Interview: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of The World’s End

August 22, 2013

Tomorrow sees the U.S. release of The World’s End, the third film in a so-called trilogy of films from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting around a table with a group of San Francisco film writers to talk with them for a few minutes. […]

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Film Review: 2 Guns

August 2, 2013

Quote for the poster: This movie will blow away your expectations! There are two reviews I can write about the new Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg vehicle, 2 Guns. The first is for people who have not seen the trailer or read a synopsis. These people are going to be rewarded by a movie with […]

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Film Review: Computer Chess

July 26, 2013

I have no idea what to make of Computer Chess. This is what’s good and bad about it. Computer Chess is either a very smart movie that’s way over my head, or one of those movies that is trying to be very smart and missing the mark. It’s to its credit and detriment that I […]

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Film Review: The Bling Ring

June 21, 2013

The Bling Ring is Sofia Coppola’s fictionalized account of the real life Hollywood Hills burglaries of 2009, when a group of young Los Angelenos spent their nights breaking into the houses of celebrities to steal their high end clothes, purses and jewelry. While it’s technically based on a Vanity Fair article about the crimes, it […]

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