Indy Nyles

All Photos by Natalia Perez

I’ll start by telling you that I have The Album Leaf’s emblem tattooed on the inside of my right wrist.  Let’s just say, my love for their music runs deep, and my respect for them as musicians is significant. I’ve been able to see them perform live several times over the years, each time special and important to me – and Friday night’s show was everything I wanted. From the opening acts until the last note of “Lights” at the end of the evening, it was intimate, emotionally powerful, and beautifully passionate.

Beginning the evening was Indy Nyles, with a compact-but-complex set up on a table in front of the stage. It was an interesting dynamic to be on the same level as the performer, with no barrier to audience members seeing every cord connected, each individual button and key selected.  I was impressed with his ability to capture the audience’s attention, forming a quiet energy while building and layering the arcs of his music.

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