The Greek Theater

It’s Pride Weekend in San Francisco this week, and it’s fun to see all the bright-eyed people in the city who are attending their first Pride celebration.

Speaking of going to new things, let’s talk about this week’s concerts. Here’s what we’ve got coming up this week in the Bay Area: tanned people, clan people, French people, bad people, and cool people. Should be a pretty cool week.

So, let’s preview. We’re previewing now. Let’s preview and do the preview where we preview. Preview!

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"Anarchy burger! / Hold the government!" - The Vandals

This Saturday in Oakland, plenty of this.

We’re in the final weekend of Coachella 2016, and the consequent Fauxchella 2016 shows are coming our way. What’s Fauxchella? It’s when you can see a band that’s also scheduled at Coachella but without actually having to go to Coachella.

This week in The Bay Area we have old stars, old studio guys, old smoky guys, montage anchorpoints, as much anarchy as you’d like, and a band that just went ahead and named themselves California.

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I remember the video was all austere and stuff.

It’s going to be like 1990 all over again at The Shoreline tonight, y’all.

October is nearly here. Match pre-Halloween candy sales with some concert-going and that’s a recipe for general happiness.

Here’s what’s coming up this week.

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Where have you gone, (baseball’s) Brian Wilson? You weren’t there for the San Francisco Giants’ 2012 ring ceremony.

Concerts! Shows! Performances! And this week in the Bay Area, they’re extra-beardy!

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The audience does the official "Mansard Roof" dance

It was a beautiful night at the Greek Theater, warm and clear, something that hardly ever happens in my experience.  For my fourth time seeing Vampire Weekend this year, it was yet to be seen if this show would be something different, or more of the same.  Either way I was sure to not be disappointed. [read the whole post]

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