Nico Vega

Old queen extraordinaire Rufus Wainwright brings her latest extravagant musical project to San Francisco for its world premiere this weekend. Photo by Michael Forester.

Check out the concerts happening around the Bay Area this week — after the jump.

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Emily Haines brings the intensity

Wellll, damn. If I wasn’t worshiping at the shrine of Metric already, last night’s show at the Fox Theater easily convinced me: this band is fierce and invincible. Their live set was a tight performance; it seems doubtful that there was more than a moment where they didn’t hold the audience firmly in their grasp. Guitarist James Shaw has mentioned that the band “toured the new songs a lot” and it shows – they move effortlessly through a set, never missing a note, and still look as though they’re having as much fun as the audience. [read the whole post]


Kid Koala is coming back to town!

After all the chaos that was Spinning Platters’ visit to Austin, TX for a bit of SXSW action, it’s time to come home and do what we did while we were in Texas, see a bunch of great live bands. Many of them we will be seeing again.  So, fire up those ear plugs and get ready to dance: [read the whole post]


Same jacket, different show.

Same jacket, different show.

I’m wholly unqualified to a review a Manic Street Preachers show.  This is because I’m an American.  The Manics (as I’ll refer to them for the rest of our time together) never did have any hits stateside.  They were always a cult band here, and I was never part of that cult.  If I were to make a ranked list of all the Britpop bands that I like (as opposed to ones I’m either ambivalent about or dislike), the Manics would be at the bottom of that list.  They’d make the list, for sure, but they’d be right below Ash, and apologies to Kula Shaker.  That said, I’m going to review it anyway. [read the whole post]