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Reading my Weekly Guide to Bay Area contest can be very beneficial… You always know what great shows are coming to town, and every great once in a while, we get you into one of those shows. This week, we will get one loyal reader into see Montreal-born DJ & producer A-Trak playing with one of the finest MC’s to come out of Chicago, Kid Sister rocking the Mezzanine stage this Monday Night, May 16th! All you need to do is email us at [email protected] before Monday, May 16th at noon! Just leave your full name and phone number so we can let you know you won, and remember that this show is 21+, so we can’t get you in if you are under age. And if you don’t like taking risks, you can always buy tickets here.

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Kele was all smiles

Hiatus is a dirty word when bands you love start throwing it around. Sometimes, the band returns, re-energized and ready for action. Other times the band returns, gets together for a little while, realizes the hiatus was the right move, and just breaks up. And then there are times when the band doesn’t come back at all. So when Bloc Party announced their hiatus, I was concerned. What would come of Kele Okereke, one of my favorite front men of all time? This weekend, I found out. [read the whole post]

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