Kurt Vile

All Photos by Drew Beck

There are so many artists that have been given the role of “New Dylan,” that it’s practically a genre unto itself. Kurt Vile is one of the many who have fallen victim to such a label. He has put out four great solo records, and countless EP’s of great singer/songwriter music, and although there is a bit if a Dylan influence, his sound is much more than that. SpinningPlatters had the pleasure to witness his recent performance at The Fillmore, alongside is fantastic backing band, The Violators.

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Appearing at The Regency Ballroom

There’s a whole lotta indoor gigs for you this week… Perfect for getting out of the brisk cold July air. Now, got get your groove on!

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Let The Power Of Psychedelia Overtake You...

We speak of SXSW a lot on this site, only because it truly is the best musical bargain out there. You travel from venue to venue seeing bands that you know & love in intimate settings, and you also get to uncover greatness. Sometimes, though, you can get so caught up in the magic of the experience overall, that you may find that the band you learned to love so much in Austin under Shiner-induced ear goggles, isn’t so dreamy in the foggy splendor of San Francisco. Woods were that band for me in Austin, and I was kind of worried that they wouldn’t do it for me here. I’ve started accumulating some of their recordings, and although they are good, they just seem so different from what I remember. But, on this hotter than normal June evening, I forced myself out of my apartment, where I was enjoying lemonade under the fan with my cat (she didn’t get any lemonade, but I did put her tuna on fridge for a bit before serving her dinner. She quite liked that), and forced myself over to Slim’s.

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At Swedish American Hall this Friday!

Summer is starting to kick in to gear, and the shows are starting to push in to high gear… Keep an eye on the space so you can get a better idea as to which shows you should be going to, and which shows will be super-boring loads of crap.

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Is it Christmas album season already?  Oy vey.

Is it Christmas album season already?

I was super busy with work this week. I tried squeezing in more music but just couldn’t. A lot of my time was spent listening to lame music. I will redeem myself next week. [read the whole post]