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Most likely not the Spurs that will be appearing with Daniel Martin Moore this Wednesday at the Hemlock.

Most likely not the Spurs that will be appearing with Daniel Martin Moore this Wednesday at the Hemlock.

This week in The Bay Area we have music from across the Pacific Ocean, from across the Atlantic Ocean, and more. International travel is neat these days.

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The power of Jackie will present itself at full power this Saturday at the Hemlock Tavern.

Recovering from Outside Lands has been, well, tough this year. However, much like a hangover, you really just need a little more music the next morning to feel normal again.

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I miss the days when the Hemlock looked like this.

I was such a good little soldier. I took notes on my cell phone, but I was so cheap that I didn’t email them to myself because my data plan is a bit limited, and not in a good way like the 38L is. I figured I would just read them when I got into work the next day. But then the battery died. So my phone is at home, charging and watching Drew Carey butcher The Price Is Right. Good thing Brilliant Colors played, because I don’t need notes to talk about them and their heavenly sound. (Did you see what I did there?)

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Evangelista is the latest (and longest) incarnation of the restless musical mind of Carla Bozulich, the extraordinary, genre-busting singer/songwriter whose career dates back over two decades. She was a member of the seminal industrial band Ethyl Meatplow before forming The Geraldine Fibbers, whose tragically brief output consisted of two of the most magnificent albums of the ’90s, Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home (1995) and Butch (1997), before disbanding. It was at this point that Bozulich began veering in a more “experimental” direction, in which she continues to create strange and harrowing new sounds.

There’s just one problem: I’m a die-hard Fibbers fan with no tolerance for so-called “experimental” music. Granted, this is my problem, not hers. But whenever I’ve listened to her post-Fibbers output, whether it be Scarnella, Evangelista, or her full-length reinterpretation of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, I’ve longed for even a hint of the torch-twang-punk brilliance of the Fibbers. And so, I walked into her show at the Hemlock last night with resigned pessimism. I was thrilled to finally witness Carla singing live, but was bracing for an hour of free-form noise and distortion. Oh, how I hate being wrong.

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Luckily for us, the construction gig didn't work out.

Lucky for us that the construction gig didn't work out.

After seeing We Be the Echo play this last Sunday, I caught up with drummer Ilk after the show and asked him if he’d do 10 Quick Questions with us.  He and guitarist Graeme Nichols answered our questions.  After reading, be sure to clear your schedule for this Friday night and catch the band at the Hemlock in San Francisco as they celebrate the release of the new album.

SP: Tell us a brief history of the band.

Graeme: We’ve been playing in this incarnation for 4-5 years, having emerged from a murky past of hardcore punk, post-rock improv and teenage metal.

Ilk: Our new album “MASKS” (coming out this Friday) is our second full-length, and we’ve also released two EPs. We’ve toured both coasts and the Midwest, and will be in Europe this summer to spread the mayhem worldwide.

SP: Where does the name come from? [read the whole post]