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Ophira Eisenberg in action at Ask Me Another's home at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

Ophira Eisenberg in action at Ask Me Another’s home at The Bell House in Brooklyn.

This is a review of a radio show that hasn’t happened yet. Because of that, I’d like to start with a giant spoiler alert. You’ll be able to listen to most of what transpired here tonight on the radio on March 14, and on podcast soon after that. I won’t tell you any specific quiz questions, and I won’t tell you who won, but I’m gonna spoil some surprises, for sure. As for why anyone would ever want to go to a radio show taping of a radio show they already listen to? I’ll try my best to explain. [read the whole post]


The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a monthly live performance podcast done at Largo in Los Angeles written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker.  For SF Sketchfest we were treated to two performances featuring many great actors of varying degrees of famous-ness.  The 10:30 show featuring Neil Patrick Harris sold out, as everything he has done at Sketchfest has, so my ticket was for the early NPH-less show.  But the show didn’t need Neil Patrick Harris to be great.  It was an hour of fun witty writing and excellent acting, so good in fact I came home and subscribed to the podcast. [read the whole post]

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This is a picture of Chris Hardwick. He's not related to me, but he will be in San Francisco for Sketchfest. I will be hitting him up for birthday money, anyways. Hopefully I can fool him.

To the uninitiated, San Francisco’s Sketchfest is probably the most overwhelming 2 1/2 weeks out of the entire year, in terms of live entertainment booking. Its closest cousin is probably Austin’s SXSW festival, where you have a wide array of up-and-coming talent mixed with veterans, all playing some very intimate spots.

As a person that considers himself to be an expert of sorts on taste, I am going to sift through this year’s line-up, and let you know what you should be going to at this year’s Sketchfest. I will guide you through which Emmy winners or CSI corpses (both of which are well represented by this event), in my humble opinion, is most worthy of your hard earned dollar.

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