Show Review: Kesha, Savoy Motel at The Masonic, 10/31/2017

November 14, 2017

Author’s note: We at Spinning Platters stand with survivors, and we believe women when they come forward and tell stories of having been assaulted. Due to the code of journalistic ethics, we are forced to refer to Dr Luke as an “alleged abuser” while the case is still pending in court. Whatever you think of her […]

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Chuck Mosley, former Faith No More frontman, has passed away at 57

November 10, 2017

Chuck Mosley, the inimitable former frontman of Faith No More, has passed away at the age of 57. Mosley passed away from complications related to “the disease of addiction” according to his family.

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Film Review: Last Flag Flying

November 10, 2017”

Time heals all wounds, mostly Here’s an interesting number, 18, which is the number of feature films directed by Richard Linklater. He’s made a film about rootless Austin hipsters, a film about 70’s high school escapades, a film about 80’s college escapades, a film about opening a school of rock, a film about a ragtag […]

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Film Review: A Bad Moms Christmas

November 1, 2017

Mediocre sequel deserves a lump of coal          With A Bad Moms Christmas, writer/directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore try in vain to recapture the success of Bad Moms, their smart, funny, and truthful comedy from last year about overextended and overwhelmed modern day moms. They should have left well enough alone; not […]

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Film Review: Suburbicon

October 27, 2017

Clooney emulates the Coens in adequate film noir       George Clooney is clearly a huge fan of the Coen Brothers. After starring in four of their films (Hail, Caesar!; Burn After Reading; O Brother, Where Art Thou; Intolerable Cruelty), he tries his hand at directing one of their screenplays with Suburbicon, marking his first […]

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Spinning Platters Interview: Patty Schemel of Upset and Hole

October 23, 2017

Patty Schemel is probably best known as the drummer for legendary rock band Hole. More recently, she’s had a documentary about her life called Hit So Hard released, as well as started a band with Ali Koehler of Vivian Girls called Upset. She’s also written an autobiography, also titled Hit So Hard. The book is […]

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Film Review: The Snowman

October 20, 2017

This Snowman will leave you cold        Whenever a movie is based on a book, there are always those who will passionately argue that “the book was better.” Sometimes they’re right and sometimes they’re wrong, but, in the case of The Snowman, which opens today, I firmly believe the-book-is-better-crowd is correct, and I […]

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Film Review: Dina

October 20, 2017

Love, across the spectrum There are a few times in our lives when we as individuals, full of our specific collections of flaws and the fantastic, must navigate our way through life-changing and unforgettable events: school dance, funeral for a family member, wedding. Most of us struggle during these times to balance our individual responses […]

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Film Review: Marshall

October 13, 2017

A portrait of the justice as a young attorney       You would be forgiven for assuming that a film that takes as its title the last name of its protagonist would be an all inclusive, sweeping biopic about that individual. But director Reginald Hudlin and the father/son writing team of Michael and Jacob Koskoff […]

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Film Review: The Mountain Between Us

October 6, 2017”

Kate, Idris, and a dog battle the elements: Who will survive!?       I’ve always been a sucker for a good old fashioned, human-versus-the-elements survival story; 127 Hours is one of my all-time favorite films, and Everest, Into the Wild, and even Alive all captured my imagination and left me pondering the strength of my own […]

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