Pouria Yazdi

Thank you, silverfuture for sharing this pic from a show earlier this year...

I recently started law school and as a result have been staying away from any sort of fun. This week has been a break from the grindstone I’ve been resting my nose on. I started my week of leash loosening at Bimbo’s 365 on Wednesday night. This was my first time there and the one word I can use to describe it is “classy.”

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Who doesn't love a cat?

It has been a few weeks. Figuring out how to best use Rdio has been a bit of a trial. I think I’m getting there, so bear with me. [read the whole post]


Pouria asked that this one be the photo for this week. Sure, why not?

Rough week. Guess I was getting my comeuppance for not doing this for a while. [Editor’s Note: It’s OK. The transition from Lala to alternate listening methods hurt us all.]  Some straight up dogs out this week. There were a few highlights though. Read on dear readers. [read the whole post]


Matt & Kim are all smiles. Thanks to Paige K Parsons for sharing her photo.

Blown away. That is how the night ended for me. Unfortunately the night didn’t start out that way. I was tired from partying too much on Friday and then taking an epically long hike on Saturday. I wanted to sleep and wasn’t sure if a show was the best thing to be attending in my sleepy daze. Fortunately The Soft Pack came on and gave me a bit of an energy boost. [read the whole post]


Of all the movies playing at the San Francisco International Film Festival Jalsaghar (The Music Room) was what I wanted to see most.

An Indian film from 1958 that has been recently restored is not your usual popcorn popping movie. It’s more of a privilege to see and everything about my experience was just that. [read the whole post]


Stefan Knupfer featured in the documentary Pianomania, co-directed by Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis

As a child I was only allowed to listen to soft rock and classical music. Though I should have probably called CPS, I did not know any better. I do still however love both forms of music. This is probably why I thought Pianomania ruled. The music was absolutely enchanting. [read the whole post]


Show Review: Dr. Dog with Sean Bones at the Great American Music Hall, 4/24/2010

April 25, 2010

Openers. As a general rule of thumb they tend to be doomed. The crowd isn’t usually there to see them and this can lead to feelings of impatience amongst the audience. This was not the case last night at the Great American.  I had never heard of or seen Sean Bones prior to last nights […]

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New Release Round Up 4/20/10 – 43 Instant Album Reviews

April 24, 2010

Man I got through a lot of albums this week. Not a record but I kinda don’t know where I’m at right now. Need to go outside and lay in the sun.

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New Release Round Up, 4/13/10 – 35 Instant Album Reviews

April 16, 2010

Sorry to everyone who expected to see this last week. Due to some unexpected laziness I only listened to new releases and didn’t review them. There was general outrage and I won’t do it again.

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Mega New Release Round Up 3/16/10 and 3/23/10 – 52 Instant Album Reviews

March 29, 2010

So I’ve been working a lot of long hours. It has sapped my will to be funny or amusing. Basically sapping my will…although I guess it could also be a direct result of listening to Bieber. Zing!

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