Jen Robie

The balconies at Public Works allow for this kind of educational view of the DJs at work

Do you remember when Hip-Hop was good and everything that came out was, well fresh?  I’m talking about the days of Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, Nas,  DJ Shadow, The Roots, Paris, KRS- One, The Fugees, DJ Greyboy… I do, that’s when I fell in love with it.  Before shorties having birthdays, and milkshakes in the yard.  When grillz donned by Method Man were being sold on the back page of The Source and before the term ‘bling’ was added to the dictionary.   I am ready for this goodness of Hip-Hop to return. [read the whole post]

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The headliners playing with passion. (Stone Foxes photos on this post by David Price. All others by Jen Robie.)

The well matched line up at The Independent on Thursday night was a reinvestment in soulful swagger of rock n’ roll.  Even from the street, I could hear the wailing from the stage.  As I stood impatiently in the rain, chomping at the bit to get inside, I realized that I was not the only one.  My lovely neighbor in queue Erica, with her beautiful rainproof parasol, had just walked 13 blocks after looking for parking for an hour to see them. [read the whole post]


Using his mind to play the drums? Or sticks?

Last night was freezing, and the hot toddies at Café du Nord hit the sweet spot.  The waft of warm whiskey, lemon and clove set a tone for the evening filled with intoxicating songs, indie style. [read the whole post]

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Delta Spirit, one of my personal favorite bands, is coming to the Bay Area in December.   Their breakthrough album Ode to Sunshine was packed with such raw, personable authenticity that it was shocking to find out they had emerged from my hometown of San Diego (land of the cultural brain fart).  This band came together organically.  Through the music you can hear the enjoyment of their jamming together and the shit-talking session that ensues, which is at the core of what makes it work.  Their music is intimate, free and unapologetic like a good drunken conversation.  I can’t wait to hear what they’ve come out the recording cabin with this time.  They have a steady track record of releasing an album every two years and then touring like, well, like dedicated musicians. [read the whole post]