Outside Lands 2017: Top 10 Acts from The Bottom Half of The Poster

by Dakin Hardwick on August 3, 2017

The best thing about a festival is tripping over your new favorite band, not hearing The Who do “My Generation” for the 4,000th time. So, I present to you here are your ten new favorite acts… all pulled from the bottom half of the Outside Lands poster. Still haven’t bought tickets? Well, there’s still time. Just click here!


Sure, he may barely be in the bottom half of the poster. It doesn’t really matter, however, except, if you aren’t hip to Thundercat yet, then you simply aren’t hip. His space walks the fine line between classic funk and yacht rock. He’s also one of the only guys cool enough to get both Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins to record with him on the same track. (And they even perform the song live together sometimes!)

Dr Octagon

Dr Octagon is an extraterrestrial, time traveling gynecologist. I’m assuming that means that he will be performing examinations on audience members during their advertised set time. Unless, of course, Dan The Automator, Kool Keith, and DJ Qbert get in the way and play music instead. That would be devastating.

K Flay

It always seems like this year is gonna be the year that K Flay breaks through to the mainstream. She keeps making incremental steps along the way, but I think that her set at Outside Lands is going to be the one that finally bridges the gap to notoriety.

Bomba Estereo

The perfect blend of modern latin pop and highly skilled hip hop, all wrapped up in a really fun live show that everyone can enjoy.


Noname is a protege of the great Chance the Rapper. Her style is one of the most unique I’ve ever heard: she’s simultaneously speedy and laid back on the mic. I know, that sounds impossible. Listen, she’s done it:


If you made it out to Treasure Island Music Festival last year, you already know that Kamaiyah was the star of the festival. She is a defiant live presence who will destroy in any setting. Even during the worst storm the Bay Area has seen in decades, as with last year’s set.


Three sisters. Two of them twins. Nobody named Joseph. But the harmonies are really lovely.

Lee Fields & The Expressions

Lee Fields has been putting out amazing soul records since before your parents were born. And he’s still one of the best live performers in the business.

The She’s

The She’s might be the hardest working band in the Bay Area. Moving from their pop punk roots, they’ve progressed into a surf punk powerhouse. You can guarantee an early afternoon dance party from these ladies.


Khruangbin are a Thai Funk band from Texas. They do a whole lot with three simply elements- bass, drums, guitar. They play a dark, reverb drenched music that is almost surf rock, only if the waves were coming in the middle of the night in the middle of a spy movie.

Want something a little more portable? Here’s a Spotify Playlist:

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