Album Review: La Sera, Queens EP

by Joel Edelman on October 5, 2016


Having released four records in six years, including Music for Listening to Music to earlier this year, La Sera have been here before. Queens is a bonus in that sense, delivering five tracks, including a Led Zeppelin cover.

The first two tracks are new. “Queens” is a duet, with both members sharing vocal duties—but no harmony. It’s what I want the I Don’t Cares (Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg’s project) to be.

The other new track is “Magic in Your Eyes” and the best of the bunch. Katy Goodman continues the early-’90s guitar sound of “Queens” and adds lyrics worthy of the West Test. She sounds like Mary Ramsey here. (That’s the lead singer of 10,000 Maniacs when they covered “More Than This.”)

Then we get two tracks that Music for Listening to Music to inspired. The first is “Shadow of Your Love (Slight Return).” This version of “Shadow of Your Love” is faster and longer, with heavier guitars that climb a little bit without sounding like wanking. It must be a fun song to play. I bet when they perform live that this newer version will be the one they play.

“I Really Need an Angel” sounds quite a bit like “I Need an Angel.” I would have called it “I Need a Remix,” but no matter. Anyway, it was a good track on the LP, and it’s a good track here. Todd Wisenbaker sings as well here as he does in “Queens.”

The last track is the cover, “Whole Lotta Love.” It’s about what you would expect. Has all the same hooks and everything.

Good stuff. Recommended for those who like the guitar work of the Cure’s later efforts. And it’s always nice to give fans something new to listen to. Now La Sera have something to talk about on their upcoming tour, although this is a digital-only release, so I have no idea how that works. I will just keep wearing the shirt I have and maybe another one when they come through town this fall. (La Sera are playing Swedish American Hall on Friday, November 4th)

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