Film Review: Finding Dory

by Marie Carney on June 17, 2016

Finding Dory gives you another big ocean adventure and all the feels

The charmingly grumpy Hank helping Dory

The charmingly grumpy Hank helping Dory

Let’s start with some full disclosure. Finding Nemo is my favorite Pixar movie and Dory is my favorite part of it. To say I was excited to see Finding Dory would be an extreme understatement. I spent all day telling telling everyone I saw “I’m seeing Finding Dory tonight!” not for any particular reaction, but just that I was so excited it just jumped out of my mouth like crazy fangirl word vomit. Luckily it seems like most people are excited to see Finding Dory so my spastic exclamations were pretty well received. The audience at the screening seemed excited as well, even if it was smaller than usual due to the Warriors game. Seemed strange to me people would pick a basketball game over the movie, but maybe the game was better?

Finding Dory opens with the cutest fish with the biggest eyes – Dory as a child. The movie is a journey through the life of Dory and her short term memory loss. We see how Dory ended up in a place to help Marlin find Nemo in the first movie. It’s a real sad traditional Disney movie beginning where the main character doesn’t have a parent die, but instead simply forgets them over time. It’s pretty heartbreaking the way it is presented. As you can imagine the rest of the movie is Dory finally remembering her parents and going on a great journey across the ocean to find her parents. This journey is full of twists and turns and some fun new characters to the universe. None of it is groundbreaking stuff, but it is exactly what you want/expect from a Disney/Pixar production and a fully satisfying and fun watch.

Thinking about it days later what really sticks with me is what a good job they did with the 3D. There was nothing swimming into your face, no crazy splashes, it just felt like you were in the ocean with them. The 3D just gave the move a gorgeous depth and I would recommend it to people like me who are usually a little 3D phobic. I actually forgot I was watching a 3D movie and just got absorbed in the story of Dory.

For anyone who enjoys Pixar movies and especially if you love Dory from Finding Nemo then Finding Dory will not disappoint. It is a beautiful movie full of feels and funny moments. Of course, it is a Disney movie too, so the sweetness of family love does get a little overwhelming, but there are worse things to shove down our throats than family. Other than that it’s still an adventure, even if you do know how it’s going to end and well worth your precious theater money.

Opens today, June 17th

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