Noise Pop Film Review: Hustler’s Convention

by Emily Anderson on February 24, 2016

The Artistic InfluenceBefore the beginning, before ‘The Last Poets’, was a genius toaster  whose natural conversation always had rhythm and rhyme.  Jalal Mansur Nuriddin was the influence of our influences on rap.  He is a storyteller with flare and purpose using intrinsic linguistic connections with a purpose beyond what is considered ‘dope’ today.  The documentary is an authentic perspective of Jalal and how his work influenced our current music influences.  The film itself has a poetic flow driven to inspire future artists by referencing his work and the revolution that followed..  Jalal’s last album ‘Hustler’s Convention’ was pressed and release 1973 world wide.  It was a time when poets were the educators.  Jalal, aka Lightn’ Rod, as most influential people, spoke on untouchable topics.  Ideas and Events that were known but never to be discussed.  It was the use of words as bullets and his mouth as a gun with style and purpose that generated a spark.  The spark that created an artist revolution.   And even to this day, Jalal remains a timeless influential lyrical inspiration.

Interview with Film Hustler’s Convention Executive Producer – Lathan Hodge:

Hustler's Convention Executive Producer - Lathan Hodge

Inspirations for Today’s Youth

Lathan Hodge was hooked on Jalal’s cadence that gave power to the truth and power to on the words as it inspires new voices of inspiration.  It’s the Artist’s speech to raise consciousness, hear things out, and celebrate life.  After meeting with film director, Mike Todd, via Chuck-D and understanding his committed vision and tactical plan, Lathan was hooked and joined the commitment on getting the authentic story of Jalal’s Hustlers Convention told.

There wasn’t any doubts the project wouldn’t be completed, the passion and commitment was too strong.  During the movie production, Jalal performed ‘Hustlers Convention’s album live with the Warrior Jazz International Collective at the Jazz Cafe in London. It was the first time since the album release in 1973.  The audience’s engagement only fueled the film project’s momentum.  The film is a labor of love and what it stands for as it inspires poets, social work, and community.  Once the understanding of music history is within society it is considered hallowed ground.  Allowing further positive inspiration for today’s youth.

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