Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts: 1/14/16-1/20/16

by Dakin Hardwick on January 14, 2016

Sad you never got to see David Bowie? Don't regret that about any of these bands this week.

Sad you never got to see David Bowie? Don’t regret that about any of these bands this week.

We recently lost one of the most imaginative artists in the history of creation. As a result, this week is a special week. These are your best options for shows this week, and how Bowie-esque they are.

Thursday, January 14th

Devotchka, Barrio Manouche at Great American Music Hall

Gypsy punk innovators Devotchka fall right in line with Bowie’s balance of whimsy and sophistication. This band is stone serious about how playful they are, and are always a delight to see live.

Friday, January 15th

Turbanegra, Glamskanks, Dirty Denim, The Sorority at The Night Light

As Bowie was one of the first artists to bring androgyny to the mainstream, Turbonegra took that one step further. They are a group of women that cover Swedish punkers Turbonegro, one of the most overtly “masculine” bands of all time, and they totally own it.

Brazilian Girls, Dreamers at Social Hall – SF

Take Bowie’s sense of fashion and theatricality, blend it with some downtempo house and Brazilian grooves, and you’ve got Brazilian Girls.

Saturday, January 16th

Steel Panther, Magnetico at The Regency Ballroom

Who started the trend of wearing make up while pounding out power chords? David Bowie. Enough said.

TSOL, Left Alone, The Crossaints at Thee Parkside

Bowie made punk rock accessible. He helped bring Lou Reed and Iggy Pop into the homes of people in the suburbs. It can be argued that, without Bowie, punk rock would’ve disappeared after a few short years. Without Bowie, TSOL may have never happened.

Monday, January 18th & Tuesday, January 19th

Ty Segall & The Muggers, CFM, Vial (Mon Only), CCR Headcleaner (Tues Only) at The Fillmore

Ty Segall puts out 2,000 records a week. He’s prolific, and he follows nobody’s rules. He also has covered Bowie more than any other artist. This guy is a local hero and a treasure, and seeing him at the legendary Fillmore is an experience that you should definitely have.

Wednesday, January 2oth

The Shanghais, Demure, Asshole Aquarium, Teenage Sex at Stork Club

Dirty & sexy pure rock ‘n roll that doesn’t give a fuck about anything. If The Shanghais aren’t a direct line to Bowie, I don’t know what is.


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