Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts: 8/29/15-9/2/15

by Christopher Rogers on August 29, 2015

Coming this Tuesday to Modesto.

Coming this Tuesday to Modesto.

Here’s what’s coming up this week: the formerly rebellious, the reformed, and chocolatiers.

• Saturday, August 29

Weird Al Yankovic at The Masonic Center, San Francisco

Weird Al Yankovic is nothing less than an American treasure.

California, Toy Guitar, The New Trust, Dialecticts at The Hemlock, San Francisco

It’s like a punk rock Dad club. Adam of Jawbreaker/J Church/Whysall Lane, Jason of Pinhead Gunpowder/Monsula/Green Day, and Dustin of The Insides. Power poppy punk rocky dads.

• Sunday, August 30

David Liebe Hart, Colin Mahan, Krista Fatka at Lost Weekend Video, San Francisco

Speaking of Adam from Jawbreaker, his Lost Weekend Video on Valencia Street hosts the singular David Liebe Hart on Sunday. Hart is from another place. He has contact with aliens, does work with Tim And Eric, and sings good-natured songs with his puppets.

• Monday, August 31

Failure, The New Regime at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

Heavy mid-tempo rockers Failure have reformed and recorded a new album. Consistently too dark, dense, or glib for their own good back in the day. Their swirling tough-hided tunes deliver their payloads. As direct as a glare.

• Tuesday, September 1

Primus And The Chocolate Factory, The Fungi Ensemble at Modesto Center Plaza, Modesto

Primus sucks! Les and the crew will be bringing their Willie Wonka Soundtrack spectacular to Modesto this week. Oompa-Loopas, huge thompy basslines, and Ler singing “I Want It Now!”

• Wednesday, September 2

Kid Rock, Foreigner at The Amphitheatre, Wheatland

Kid Rock actively campaigned for Mitt Romney. That sentence can’t be unwritten. Foreigner deserves better.

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