SXSW 2015: Photo Diary

by Michelle Viray on June 10, 2015


I don’t like to read directions. Maybe that makes me lazy. If you’d like to see SXSW was like – look no further. The Spinning Platters team worked hard to see as much as possible in order to bring you a photo summary of Austin this year. Enjoy!

The week kicked off with San Fermin – a buzzy band, complete with horn section. Very well attended show so please enjoy this solo picture:


Gemini Club was up next as we waited for Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Hypnotic’s car broke down on the way to Austin so I have no pictures of them. Definitely check out Hypnotic Brass Ensemble when you can- they are an energetic, talented bunch that make you dance. For rock meets electronica, check out Gemini Club:


If a Canadian rock band decided to fuse with the marching band, The Wet Secrets would be formed. Stumbling upon this band but pure accident was the highlight of the night. Super fun and hilarious, the ensemble is multi-faceted. Smoking, playing drums and saxophone for this crew, complete with choreographed dance moves and a horn section, are easy, peasy, lemon-squeezee:


I love Mohawk so much! And the acts booked there never disappoint. This a venue that knows what they are doing. And, I love Girlpool. Think Julianna Hatfield or Liz Phair – this drummerless duo does indie rock justice. Make sure to check out their tour this summer:

Chloe Tucker of Girlpool

Chloe Tucker of Girlpool

Next at Mohawk was Alvvays with Molly Rankin at the helm. This Toronto-based group is a pop with a side of punk:


Have you ever seen someone shred so hard that their earplugs fall out?! I highly recommend checking out Metz, also from Toronto. This punk trio killed Mohawk and the subsequent three shows I saw in Austin. Even after seeing them four times in one week, I can’t wait to check out Metz at Outside Lands this summer. You will not be disappointed:


The Damned were in town to promote the documentary which details the band’s background, bad blood, and bust-ups. All great things for a documentary. With a rocky start with the Mohawk’s audio, which may have been a power play all for show, we witnessed the band’s tension first hand. Despite the drama, Captain Sensible has still got it and David Vanian remains the main man with a whole lotta showmanship:


Sure, they’re not the Coachwhips but with two drummers and the genius of John Dwyer your body will convulse into seizures at how great this band is to see live. Morphing over the years with different mates hasn’t taken away from the shows – it’s a different show for those who’ve seen countless Oh Sees’ shows before but still as great and still as sweaty:


Did you see Future Islands on Letterman? Personally, I’m unsure of what to make of this electro-pop group. Don’t do drugs? Do drugs? Maybe just dance along and try not to make sense of Sammuel T. Herring putting his hands in his mouth (not pictured. not sorry):


Inspired by hip-hop, Skepta first started off in MC battles. Quick-spitting rhymes with an energy that is fun to watch, having him at Fader Fort made sense. I only wish I’d gotten closer for better photos:


Watching a Charles Bradley performance moves you in ways you wouldn’t have though possible. Mr. Bradley’s songwriting and performances have evolved over the last few years and his Daptone crew known as His Extraordinaires that back him have flawless precision. Come for the life-changing soul music and profound words of wisdom, but stay for the hugs (not pictured. truly sorry.)


King Tuff puts on a good show. Some would argue that it’s so fun and so spirited that they might even steal the show right from under Josh Tillman’s nose. You *must* check out this band. Do it now. You’re welcome. Hopefully these photos inspire you:


Courtney Barnett was one of the hottest acts in Austin and my only regret is that I didn’t catch her at The Spin Party (which had a ridiculous line-up that included Metz, Spoon, and Run The Jewels). If you’ve been impressed by her intricately creative lyrics, your mind will be blown by her live performance. Shredding pictured here and justifiably fuzzy:18438997376_202942b3ef_z

I mentioned Metz was at The Spin Party, right? Here is the sweaty proof:


There has been quite a bit of con-trov-ersey surrounding Scott Weiland recently. In Austin I found him to be on-point. There wasn’t much, if any banter, with the crowd, but he can still sing. In the wake of Austin, our condolences go out to the band and the family and friends of Jeremy Brown:


Run The Jewels! Even with a torn rotator cuff, Killer Mike will still come hard. That’s dedication. Run The Jewels at The Spin Party, far away and in the rain – straight killin it:


Run The Jewels up close is no joke. I survived their show at Floodfest and all I got were these crappy photos and a few likes on Instagram:


(Sigh) Julianna Hatfield. My 16 year old self still wants to be her. The show was melancholy, so much so that not a soul clapped. The crowd was into though. I’m beginning to think that Julianna Hatfield put them all in a snake charmer-like trance:


Doug Benson knows how to be funny. He also is a great interviewer. Watching the live taping of “Doug Loves Movies” is something I recommend. You can win stuff! You will laugh! You will learn all kinds of facts about movies! Even better, you will get to see special guests like Hannibal Buress, Brooks Wheelan, Matt Bearden, and John Erler. Whhhaaaaaaat?!

Doug & Hannibal

Doug & Hannibal

Brooks & Matt

Brooks & Matt

Thanks for taking the tour. SXSW has always been good to Spinning Platters. So be good to yourselves and check out these performers. You won’t regret it.

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