10 Quick Questions with Polaris

by Dakin Hardwick on April 20, 2015



Polaris was a fake band that comprised of real musicians in the 90’s kids show, The Adventures Of Pete & Pete. Now, 19 years after the show’s cancellation, we have the first vinyl pressing of the shows’ soundtrack, and they are also doing their first full scale US tour! They will be coming to The Chapel on April 24th. Tickets are available here!

We had a chance to ask 10 questions to Muggy Polaris (Mark Mulcahy), Harris Polaris (Scott Boutier), and Jersey Polaris (Dave McCaffrey). Here’s what these guys had to say!

1.) What was the inspiration for making your fictional band a reality?

MP: The need for ubiquity. We realized people could actually turn their tv off and we could no longer make them happy.
HP: Rock
JP: Wellsville is safe it is now time to meet the people

2.) At any point in time, was there talk of incorporating lunch lady Juliana Hatfield into the band?

MP: Food For Thought
HP: Yes, I personally would prefer her to Muggy. Can this be arranged please?
JP: No

3.) What can we expect from this set?

MP: We are from the East Coast
HP: Rock Songs
JP: Polaris Music

4.) Will the band record new material outside of the world of “Adventures Of Pete & Pete”?

MP: Unknown
HP: I Hope So
JP: Not sure, but I think it would be an enjoyable experience

5.) If Polaris and the Zack Attack were involved in a guitar shred off to save the world, which band would be the band that saves humanity?

MP: Always place your bet on Polaris
HP: Muggy
JP: Polaris-Muggy hasn’t even reached his full potential yet

6.) Of all the great fake TV bands of the 90’s, other than yours, which was your favorite?

MP: Exception to the word ‘fake’.
HP: Any of the current POLARIS cover bands
JP: I don’t know any others, sorry

7.) What was the process like for relearning how to play songs that you haven’t played live ever, and first recorded nearly 20 years ago?

MP: If not for the drummer we would still be fumbling
HP: Like riding a skateboard
JP: Painstakingly slow. Rely on muscle memory

8.) Should the restaurant at The Chapel bring back Bananas Fosters?

MP: I’d suggest a study and then a council meeting and bring it to the ballot box in November.
HP: Maybe
JP: Absolutely! I am all for lighting food on fire.

9.) What are the mumbled lyrics in the Pete & Pete theme song?

MP: Sure!
HP: Something about sherbert
JP: I believe its “Have you tried the sherbert?”

10.) What 90’s thing do you feel needs to come back? What thing really shouldn’t?

MP: The Rachel. Grunge?
HP: The Adventures of Pete & Pete of course!
JP: I like plaid shirts but grunge can stay away

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