Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 3/19/15-3/25/15

by Dakin Hardwick on March 19, 2015

Performing at Bottom Of The Hill on Wednesday

Performing at Bottom Of The Hill on Wednesday

Seven days of pure rock n roll…. That’s all I gotta say, man!

Thursday, March 19th

Shpongle, Phutureprimitive, Dulce Vita, Mike Butler at The Regency Ballroom

Shpongle is something more than simply a DJ playing world beat influenced EDM. Shpongle is multi media experience that pulls together performance art, modern dance, and modern technology to create a fully immersive live experience. #bewareofdrugs

La Plebe, Los Kung Fu Monkeys, Bankrupt District, DJ Jesse Luscious at the DNA Lounge Upstairs, San Francisco

La Plebe are a stage-full of rollicking bilingual punk rock. And horns! They have great horns. Can be held up as a shining example of the positive power of punk rock.

Kyle Kinane at The Chapel

Friday, March 20th

Ani DiFranco, Pearl and The Beard at The Fillmore

It kind of feels like the world forgot about Ani DiFranco. She spent many years playing to some pretty huge rooms, playing her incredibly hooky brand of politically aware folk music to the masses. She’s still great, putting out incredible, socially aware records. And, tonight, we get the special privilege of seeing her in the relatively intimate Fillmore!

Rick Springfield at the Uptown Theater, Napa

What’s it like to have one song follow you forever?

Everyone Is Dirty, Li Xi, Light Thieves, Buzzmutt at Leo’s Music Club

Saturday, March 21st

OK Go, White Arrows at The Warfield

At one point in time, long before some music video with a bunch of guys on treadmills, OK Go were simply one thing: A great power pop band that put on a spectacular live show. Tonight at The Warfield you will be treated to just that- some great rock n roll played by some very charismatic gentlemen.

Black Fork, The Hammerbombs, Dr. Frank, Soda Pressed, Jewdriver, Mystic Nights Of The Cobra, Dudes Night, Finky Binks, Robert Eggplant, High Anixiety, Sarchasm, Mfb, Dress Pants, Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits, Under 15 Seconds, Nil, Protected Left, foam sword battles at 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley for Geekfest 2015.

Black Fork. Relentless East Bay punk rock trend-skewerers unwilling to be anything other than what they were. And now they’ve reformed. There’s an excellent article about them over at East Bay Express. And look at this lineup! Dr. Frank of The Mr. T Experience! Friggin’ Jewdriver! All sorts of bands and folks! This looks like a lot of fun. “BA BA BA BA BA, TOGETHER.”

The English Beat, Rusty Zinn at Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley

Get your two tone ska on in the North Bay.

Barb Wire Dolls, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Global Affront, First Contact at Slim’s

Sunday, March 22nd

KRS – One at Yoshi’s

MC’s simply don’t get better than KRS-One. He’s been doing it since the beginning of time, yet he’s never lost touch with his sense of social consciousness. He also puts on one hell of a show.

Happy Fangs, Girls With Guns, Pleasures, Paisley Nightmares at Leo’s

Monday, March 23rd

Deap Vally, LA Witch, Creep Beat at The Chapel

LA’s Deap Vally fill a void that the world is missing- a female fronted band that does simple and dirty blues rock. They are a band that has the spirit of the White Stripes mixed with the sexy of Garbage.

Gang Of Four, Public Access TV at The Independent

Tuesday, March 24th

Palma Violets at Rickshaw Stop

Wednesday, March 25th

The Mowgli’s, Fences, Hippo Campus at The Independent

Equally humble and ecstatic, The Mowgli’s have one of those great sounds that simply make you feel happy. And, really, who doesn’t want to feel happy?

Moon Duo, Once and Future Band, Carlton Melton at Bottom Of The Hill

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