Sketchfest Review: The Hotwives Of Orlando at Verdi Club, 2/7/15

by Dakin Hardwick on February 12, 2015


Panels for TV shows are an interesting thing. They can go in one of two ways: they can either be something educational, where you learn about how certain things work. Or it can a silly display of actors and writers getting together to have fun on stage outside the restrictions of the medium of television. Or, in the case of The Hotwives Of Orlando panel, it was a perfectly balanced version of the two.

The event started out in a state of pure chaos. All of the main actors were there: Casey Wilson, Kristen Schaal, Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage, Tymberlee Hill, and creators Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider. Moderating was attempted by Matt Besser. It was all sorts of silliness, with Phirman and Schneider embracing the chaos in the most joyful way. They answered some of the most important questions about the show, such as “which character would make the best whore?” (Answer was, of course, Phe-Phe, for having the shrewdest business sense.) They revealed that Schaal used hypnosis to become an alcoholic. They riffed for nearly 30 minutes this way, all while occasionally showing clips of the show.

The most entertaining portion, however, is when Hill, in character as Phe-Phe, took to answering audience questions. The questions included “How do you kick out a roommate?” (Simply leave all of their stuff out on the sidewalk.), “How Do You Pin Cleavage?” (Answer to this was a bit fuzzy to me), and the winner was “How do you find a woman?” This was great primarily because a well put together, very fit man asked the question. Leading Phe-Phe to inform the man that “You look great on the outside. You must be dead on the inside.” Then she advised him to go to libraries and churches. Then she advised him to go out with her. I would love to know how the date went.

After a series of general Q+A, asking about Joey McIntyre and the relationship between the show at the Real Housewives series, we were informed of two bits of news: Hotwives is returning for a second season, and a censored version of is joining the ranks of Pop (aka The TV Guide Channel). It was an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

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