Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts: 11/20/14-11/26/14

by Mitch Kocen on November 21, 2014


Soft-rock legends, soft-rock enthusiasts and no less than two Lou Reed cover bands. All this and more in a week of music in the Bay Area


Thursday, November 20th

Har Mar Superstar & The Pizza Underground at The Bottom of the Hill


Settle in kids, it’s storytime. Around the start of the year I had the opportunity to go see Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band. We got to the show and it started like, two hours late and we bounced, never being fortunate enough to see them perform such songs as All Pizza Parties and Take a Bite of the Wild Slice. My life has been pretty good since then, but I’ve always felt something was missing. Don’t be like me. Don’t miss this show.



Art Alexakis at City Winery


Friday, November 21st

Drive-by Truckers at The Fillmore 

If you’ve never seen the Drive-by Truckers performing their unique blend of alt-country and downhome southern rock, then you have never seen Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be played. Come for the finest beard this side of ZZ Top and stay for the the stunning Grand Canyon, their standing ovation causing closing number.




Goapele at Yoshi’s



Saturday, November 22nd

Mustache Harbor at Bimbos’s 365 Club


Do you miss soft rock? Do you miss the smooth sounds of Kenny Loggins (non-Danger Zone edition) or Christopher Cross (not to be confused with Kriss Kross)? Have the basic concepts of irony and sincerity melded so completely in your mind that you can no longer remember what you actually enjoy and what you’re just laughing at? Then you are in luck, because Mustache Harbor, everyone’s favorite Yacht Rock cover band is at it again. This time they’re bringing their distinct style and throwback hits to Bimbo’s, and it will most assuredly be a show you won’t want to miss.



Cold War Kids at the Catalyst



Sunday, November 23rd

SF Rock Project at Thee Parkside


I could spin a lot of words about the SF Rock Project and their noble goals of giving kids 7-17 the opportunity to learn music and perform while school systems close down music programs left and right. I can wax poetic about how wonderful it is that this event is showcasing Heart and Lou Reed at the same time. I can entice you with the fact that it’s an afternoon show for $5. Instead I’m going to post this video of a teenaged girl throwing down a great cover of Killing in the Name Of and I’m going to let you make up your own mind. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.




Lucero at Slims



Monday, November 24th

Todd Rundgren at The Fillmore


If you only know Todd Rundgren from an offhanded jab on Beavis and Butthead then you are missing out. Not only was he the frontman of both The Nazz and Utopia (who had a song called, I kid you not, “Ooops! Wrong Planet”) but he’s also been the producer of some of your favorite stars. Hall and Oates though this guy was good enough to get his mitts all over their music. Who are you to say otherwise?




Fleetwood Mac at the Oracle Arena


Tuesday, November 25th

Sky Ferreira at The Independent


Sky Ferreira, songwriter, singer, model, actress, myspace sensation. She’s sold out not one but two nights at the Independent, which is no small feat. They had to add another show, and some indie kid probably got bumped to make room. Don’t make his sacrifice be in vain.



Trentemoller at The Fillmore



Wednesday, November 26th

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Oracle Arena

If you’ve never seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you are missing out on a fundamental musical experience. “But Mitch” you say, voice dripping with ignorance “I don’t like classical music. It’s boring and there are no words.” You are a fool, strawman! They don’t need words to rock your face so hard that it can no longer legally be used as a face. These people crossed Siberia to play this music for you. They are not kidding around.




Common at the Regency Ballroom 

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