Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts: 11/14/14-11/19/14

by Christopher Rogers on November 14, 2014

Appearing Sunday at Slim's

Appearing Sunday at Slim’s.

This week ’round the bay we have: The English! Death! Art on stage! And literary references! Exclamation maaarks! Get out there and see a show!

Here’s what’s coming up this week.

Friday, November 14

The English Beat, The Inciters at Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco.

Ska will never die. That next wave of ska music is coming, people. Be ready. (In England, they are merely “The Beat.” In Australia, they are “The British Beat.” Fact.)

Saturday, November 15

J Mascis, Luluc at The Independent, San Francisco.

Guys in their thirties and forties who’re into thick tones and fat Js will totally be at this show. Mascis’ solo work tends to be a gentler than his main outfit, Dinosaur Jr.

Sunday, November 16

Hot Water Music, Dave Hause, The Flatliners at Slim’s.

Hot Water Music – yes, named after the Charles Bukowski book – captured my heart with just one song: “Position.” At the Warped Tour years ago, didn’t know who they were and suddenly as the music picked up momentum, the entire audience howled “Prepare yourselllllllff!“If you dig Leatherface-based mid-tempo melodic hard-nosed working class Floridian punk rock, HWM are for you.

Monday, November 17

Death From Above 1979 at The Independent.

What I remembered was that Death From Above 1979 were a bass-and-drums duo that churned out some sticky sweaty thumpy-clumpy hip-shakin’ power thump. Now they’re back? Cool, I guess.

Tuesday, November 18

Art Alexakis at the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco.

I love Everclear. There is a bare power at work in Alexakis’ sharpest songs, naked need pushed through power chords. Now he’s touring under his own name. Acoustic Art? OK. (He did always claim that his gentler self on bring-your-dad-to-school-day would have turned Everclear’s “You Make Me Feel Like A Whore” into “You Make Me Feel Like I’m Four.”)

Wednesday, November 19

Har Mar Superstar, The Pizza Underground, Toby Goodshank & Candy Boys, at the Bottom of the Hill.

I once saw Har Mar engage in rap battle while he held a full-on headstand. The mic laid on the stage next to his noggin. It was impressive.

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