Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts: 10/16/14-10/22/14

by Dakin Hardwick on October 16, 2014


Treasure Island Music Festival is coming up this weekend. Which is the best music festival in America. Nonetheless, there are still a bunch of other great shows, too!

Thursday, October 16th

Gin Blossoms at Yoshi’s – Jack London Square

The Gin Blossoms were one of the most underrated power pop bands of the 90’s. Their career was chock full of wonderfully infectious pop songs and blissfully crushworthy lyrics. They played arenas in the 90’s, but now we are able to see them in much more intimate rooms, like Oakland’s Yoshi’s.

The Horrors, Moon Duo at The Fillmore

Friday, October 17th

Hall & Oates at Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium

It’s been a funny ride for Hall & Oates. They were essentially the epitome of “uncool” for many, many years. Then, in the late 00’s, the whole world, at least the cool kids, figured something out: Hall & Oates are amazing. Go to nearly any track in their extensive catalog, and you will immediately find yourself singing along. This is a rare show with a GA dance floor, too. So if you want to start a Hall & Oates pit, this is your night. (Don’t do that. People will be upset.)

Childish Gambino, Erykah Badu at The Greek Theater – UC Berkeley

Saturday, October 18th & Sunday, October 19th

Treasure Island Music Festival on Treasure Island

The Treasure Island Music Festival is the best music festival in America. No overlaps, so you never have to decide between bands. They book the perfect balance of popular acts that everyone knows and loves, with the right amount of interesting acts that will blow your mind. And it’s one of the last Outkast gigs on this tour, making it one of the last Outkast shows that you are likely going to see ever.

Monday, October 20th

Bass Drum Of Death, Hot Flash Heat Wave at Great American Music Hall

There are a few things that I look for in a band. Mostly, I’m looking for a lot of hair and a lot of fuzz. Bass Drum Of Death have that. They put you in that special place where you have a buzzing in the back of your head for days after the show.

Kimbra, Empress Of at The Independent

Tuesday, October 21st

The Melvins, Les Butcherettes at Great American Music Hall

The Melvins are legendary. There is no arguing that. However, the opening act, Les Butcherettes, are simply one of the top 10 greatest live acts currently touring. Lead singer, Teri Gender Bender is the single most captivating frontperson in all of rock. The band’s music is an usual blend of garage rock and cabaret that is both assaultive and danceable. The Melvins are foolish for inviting them to open for them.

Nas performing Illmatic at The Fox Theater – Oakland

Wednesday, October 22nd

Ab-Soul, BAS, Earthgan, Fashawn at The Regency Ballroom


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