SF Sketchfest Review: The Benson Interruption of Twilight: Eclipse on 8/16/2014 at Castro Theater

by Marie Carney on August 19, 2014

Sketchfest DBI

The Benson Interruption of Twilight: Eclipse was the second Benson Interruption I have attended, so I know I was in for a lot of silliness and belly laughs from some talented comedians who had never seen the movie before. And that’s exactly what I got, but it was even better and full of even harder belly laughs than I ever could have expected.

In case you are not familiar with the Benson Interruption formula it is Doug Benson and some great comedian friends talking through a terrible movie. This time the guests were Hal Sparks, DC Pierson, Daniel Kinno and Jacob Sirof. Sadly I didn’t know half of these guests, but I was super excited for DC Pierson who is especially witty with his quick and clever writer’s brain. But after all the hilarity that ensued, I’ll have to find out more about the others.

When the movie started, Hal Sparks was the first brave soul to speak up. Maybe it was because he is used to making fun of things for shows? Regardless, by the time the opening credits were done there were many funny voices chiming in. My one complaint about this show though is not knowing who says what since you are all sitting in the dark watching a movie. I could pick out Pierson and Benson well (from hearing them so much in either Audiobooks of Podcasts) and sometimes Sparks as well. But with Kinno and Sirof I had no idea who was who. The people I was with couldn’t pick out anyone either, for them it was just Benson and Sparks.

Since I can’t confidently tell who said what (though I think I gravitated towards DC Pierson’s jokes), I’ll just give you a list of the things that got the biggest laughs. I’ll leave it up to you to try to guess who said what and where in the movie:

My summer with disco ball face

The city of Forks is at war with the town of Spoons

Good ole one-take Stewart (I know this was Doug Benson)

The movie Underworld is sounding real good right now

This movie’s whole wardrobe is from a clinically depressed Old Navy

This proves teenagers don’t have short attention spans

Ten bucks says he’s lipsticking right now (part of a recurring theme of dog jokes whenever Jacob was on screen)

Look, are you on your period? Maybe I can just eat you out? (This was Jacob Sirof. He made sure we knew at the end since it got the biggest laugh.)

There’s only one way to solve this. Fan fiction.

I don’t think the director knew it was up to them to end the scene

If you thought that was bad wait until I fuck that shitty director of that Snow White movie!

I’m not sweating, my skin is sad.


Benson has the grandiose goal of doing all five of the Twilight series at the Castro Theater. I can only hope that this craziness will continue with Sketchfest early next year. I know I will be there, and you should too.


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