Sketchfest Summer Social Preview

by Dakin Hardwick on August 14, 2014


The good people of Sketchfest have decided to grace our Summer with another weekend of epic programming at The Castro Theater. Thus proving that you can, indeed, laugh in the Summer as well as the Winter. These four events at The Castro Theater are all going to be wonderful, joyful affairs. (Note: All events are at The Castro Theatre)

Saturday, April 16th

The Muppet Movie at 11am

The Muppet Movie is, simply, one of the finest films ever made. Jim Henson’s wit is on full display, and we will be treated with a very, very special guest at this show. Gonzo himself will be appearing live for a Q+A after the film. That is, Dave Goelz, the voice and puppeteer behind Gonzo, will be doing a Q+A as both himself, and in character. Thus fulfilling your wildest dream of seeing a Muppet in person.


The Benson Movie Interruption: The Twilight Saga: The Eclipse at 4:20pm

For a guy that’s really into weed, I find it silly that he always books himself to start work at 4:20. Seems like he’d have more important business to attend to then. Anyways, it’s become a bi-annual tradition to have Benson come to the Bay Area to skewer a popular film at the witching hour of 20 minutes past 4. This time we get Twilight: Eclipse. This should be an easy one. Next time, I wanna see him do Shawshank Redemption.

Office Space at 9pm

Stephen Root is a national treasure, and he will be gracing our presence at The Castro Theater tonight for a rare, 35mm screening of Office Space. I suggest you bring a red Swingline stapler for him.

Sunday, April 17th

An Evening with Fred Armisen at 8pm

This is an absolute treat. Fred Armisen rarely performs solo, and, due to his having 400 jobs, pretty much rarely has any free time at all. So, this is an extra special event. He is a master of the character, turning himself into anyone he can imagine. We have even been promised a set by his English Punk alterego, Ian Rubbish. This might be the most important show this year. And, yes, I am including Paul McCartney playing the final show at Candlestick Park.

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