Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 7/17/14-7/23/14

by Dakin Hardwick on July 17, 2014


Thursday, July 17th

Wolves In The Throne Room, Dispirit, Nommo Ogo at Slim’s

Some bands have names that have nothing to do with the sound of the band. And some bands are perfectly represented by their name. Wolves In The Throne Room are the perfect heavy metal band, and they genuinely sound like wolves in a throne room.

Craft Spells, The Bilinda Butchers at The Chapel

Friday, July 18th

The Art and Allure Of The Vinyl Record at Oakland Museum

There are only a few more weeks left of Oakland Museum’s excellent vinyl exhibit. Tonight we have a very special event- Death Cab For Cutie bassist Nick Harmer and album cover designers Lawrence Azerrad (Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) and Winston Smith (In House Designer at Alternative Tentacles) will be hosting a panel on the enduring legacy of the vinyl record. Sure, it’s not a live music event, but it’s going to be riveting for any music nerd. (Plus, after the museum closes, you can walk down to The New Parkway to see Rock N Roll High School!)

Natural Child, Cool Ghouls, The Abigails, Midnight Sun at Brick and Mortar Music Hall

Saturday, July 19th

Jimmy Cliff at The Fillmore

One of the few performers left from the golden age of reggae, Jimmy Cliff has been performing for seemingly forever. His aggressive, amp’d up reggae helped inspire bands like The Clash and Operation Ivy. At 66 years old, he has the energy and drive of a live performer 1/3 his age, and his new material is just as fresh and inspired has his vintage records.

The Zoopy Show, Oinga Boinga at The Uptown

Sunday, July 20th

The Go-Go’s, Scandal, Naked Eyes, Martha Davis and The Motels at Mountain Winery

It’s easy to hate on these 80’s package tours as simple nostalgia trips. Especially when so many of the acts have been trimmed down to only a handful of original members. However, The Go Go’s have been going strong, putting on a high energy and super fun live show for years, and nearly all of the original ladies are in the band. Plus, Scandal, Naked Eyes, and The Motels all have amazing songs that you may have forgotten about. This package is going to be epic and enjoyable.

Monday, July 21st

Tori Amos at The Paramount Theater

This woman is a legend. Sure, she isn’t playing arenas anymore, but that might be for the better. This woman’s sense of pure, intense honesty is best designed for theaters. And the Paramount in Oakland is one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. If you haven’t seen Tori live before, you are doing yourself a horrific disservice. It’s one of the single most potent shows you will ever enjoy.

The Hold Steady, Cheap Girls at Great American Music Hall

Tuesday, July 22nd

Ben Watt, Bernard Butler at The Chapel

To hold us over while we are waiting for Everything But The Girl to finally get their act together and put out a new record, EBTG instrumentalist is bringing a different elusive Brit with him to handle vocals for a tour: Suede’s lead singer Bernard Butler. This is going to be a very special & unique event in one of the best rooms in SF.

White Lung, Wax Idols, Red Red Red at Rickshaw Stop

Wednesday, July 23rd

Man or Astro-Man?, The Ogres, Wray at The Independent

One of the most exciting things to happen this year: Legendary surf/psych/punk combo Man or Astro-Man? have returned to from a lengthy hiatus. Have they determined whether or not they are Astro-man yet? That may be the reason for returning to their mission. Good for us, because we all need a sweaty dance party every now and again.

Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper at Shoreline Amphitheater

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