Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 5/29/14-5/28/14

by Dakin Hardwick on May 29, 2014

Wednesday at The Independent

Wednesday at The Independent

Thursday, May 29th

The Bloody Beetroots, J Boogie at The Regency Ballroom

My biggest problem with EDM is how little risk there is in the live performance. It’s all machines- the lights, the music, it’s all generated by computers, so nothing will every really go wrong on stage. The Bloody Beetroots are a different beast. They are a really band, with live drums and guitars, doing some of the most aggressive instrumental music you will ever hear. Their shows erupt in to pure chaos, to the point that they aren’t allowed back at some local venues.

Doe Eye, DRMS, The She’s at Great American Music Hall

Friday, May 30th – Sunday, June 1st

Bottle Rock 2014 at Napa Valley Expo Center

It’s hard to forgive people. Last year’s Bottle Rock was a bit of a travesty, and everyone knows that. This year, however, we have a whole new crop of people in charge, a slightly less ambitious schedule, and a line up that is unlike any other large scale music festival this year. In addition to this year’s biggest comeback story, Outkast, we’ve got the first North American show by The Cure in seemingly forever, and an eclectic crop of bands including hip fuzz pedalers like Thee Oh Sees and No Age, Hard Rock trailblazers Heart, post punk innovators TV On The Radio, underground hip hop icons De La Soul, and much, much more. The element of this festival that has me most excited is the slew of 90’s radio rock bands that will make this the single most fun sing along weekend you’ll ever get. I mean, Gin Blossoms? Weezer? Third Eye Blind? Smash Mouth? Sublime? Cracker? This show is chock full of warmy, gooey earworms that will make you afraid to talk to the cutie in third period all over again.

Friday, May 30th

The Battlehooch Orchestra, Tartufi, Vanwave at The Chapel

Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels, Nino Zombi, Jokes For Feelings, Skunkadelic, Skank Bank at 924 Gilman St

Saturday, May 31st

Luscious Jackson at The Independent

Some 90’s reunions have turned into boring nostalgia fests punctuated by phoned in records and boring shows (see The Cranberries, Sublime). Other reunions have brought us stronger material than when they last left us! Luscious Jackson fall squarely on the second side of that. They put out both a brilliant pop record and a surprisingly excellent children’s album. It boggles my mind that this show isn’t sold out yet, because it promises to be one of the best sets of the year.

Thee Oh Sees, Tony Molina, RaRak at Brick and Mortar Music Hall

Sunday, June 1st

Lionel Richie, Cee Lo Green at Concord Pavilion

Lionel Richie is a brilliantly gifted musician. He wrote some of the most timeless songs of any generation, and this show is going to be wall to wall hits. If you aren’t smiling during a Lionel Richie show, you have no soul.

Monday, June 2nd

Kelis, Son Little at The Fillmore

Kelis is a sonic chameleon. She started out doing glitchy, aggressive pop. Then she had a huge hit with a rai influenced song about delicious dairy products. Her lastest record, Food, is an amazing blend of classic soul with the layered darkness that is the signature style of David Sitek, who produced this record.

Tuesday, June 3rd

The Faint, Reptar, Darren Keene at The Independent

When I think of goth, I think of Omaha, Nebraska. There is something about delicious corn that brings the goth out.

Lady Gaga, Hitsune Miku, Lady Starlight at SAP Center in San Jose

James Taylor And His All Star Band at Concord Pavilion

It feels really good to call it Concord Pavilion again.

Wednesday, June 4th

The Damned, Koffin Kats, Stellar Corpses at Slim’s

The UK punk scene in the 70’s was full of some brilliant bands. The Damned are full of some amazing hooks, and it’s very rare for them to make their way across the pond. So, yeah, it would be silly to miss this show.

Trans Am, Golden Void, Death Cheetah at The Independent

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