Album Review: The She’s – Dreamers EP

by Joel Edelman on May 7, 2014


I’m a little burnt out and cynical at the age of 37 (in a row), and I often find things that used to be interesting to me (slot machines, the NBA) feel absolutely pointless. Next thing I know, I feel like Stan does after his 10th birthday in the South Park where everything sounds like shit to him. Luckily for you, the She’s single-handedly prevent me from being an asshole, at least while listening to these six new tracks.

The She’s are a 4-woman outfit with synths and guitars, delivering a twee-86 sound like Heavenly, Tullycraft, or the Icicles. They could do a show with Bleached, Brilliant Colors, and the Hot Toddies, and I would be the happiest Smurf in Smurf Village.

“My Secret to Keep” is the first track and also one of the best. The harmonies are mixed a little higher, and the urge to tell the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn quickly subsides. The next track is “Dream Girl” and is a solid effort.

The middle of the EP Britishly reminds me of Kenickie and Sleeper. “Violet” has great vocals, and “Jordan Baker” packages all the instrumental accompaniment in a way that gives the components (piano, guitar, etc.) their individual chances to shine.

Surf-inspired guitar gets “Mystery” off to a good start, and it carries it through to the end. “Lots to Hide” is a typical last track. The sound is a little different—more like Dressy Bessy. It doesn’t sound like the band to me at all. It’s pretty amazing, though!

The She’s have got it. They make 7up mine. Give this EP a listen, see them July 2nd at the Rickshaw Stop, and offer to bake them cookies. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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