Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 2/27/14-3/5/14

by Dakin Hardwick on February 27, 2014

OMG! This week is NUTS!!!

Thursday, February 27th

Childish Gambino at The Fox Theater – Oakland

Donald Glover is a uniquely versatile artist that manages to blow people’s minds no matter what he does. First, he was a writer on NBC’s 30 Rock, which is one of the greatest shows in TV history. Then he proved his acting chops on Community. All of this while he was putting out some of the best hip hop for free! Sure, his first official full length record, Camp, was a bit of a let down. Nonetheless, he pulled a surprise move at the end of last year and releases because the internet. This is, by far, one of the most emotionally naked records ever released in any genre! This album is beautiful piece of work, and this show will be much of the same!

Social Studies, Aan, Max and The Moon at The New Parish

Friday, February 28th

Throwing Muses, Mark Eitzel at Jewish Community Center

Fun Fact: Throwing Muses were the first American band to sign to 4AD Records. Frontwoman Kristen Hersh is one of the most innovative songwriters alive today, as well as one of the most powerful performers. Their catalog is amazingly eclectic, equal parts Post Punk, Goth, Riot Grrl, Folk, and radio friendly Alternative Rock. It’s also their first visit to the Bay Area in over a decade, so, missing this show would be a terrible decision.

Bleached, Terry Malts, Tropical Popsicle, Mystic Braves at Rickshaw Stop

Saturday, March 1st

Negativland, Illusion of Safety & Thomas Dimuzio, Laetitia Sonami at Uptown Nightclub

It amazes me that Negativland are still going strong after all of these years. They have made an entire career out of deconstructing music as we know it, as well as pushing boundaries with copyright law. Just check this video out that pokes a mighty big stick at Disney:

No Age, GRMLNS, Cheatahs, Straight Crimes at Brick & Mortar Music Hall

Sunday, March 2nd

Big Tits, Warm Soda, Dimples at Hemlock Tavern

Looking for an alternative to the Oscars? Here you go: $6 and you’ve got an epic three band power pop bill at one of the best bars in town. You can pogo all night and forget about the fact that Her was robbed and should’ve swept the awards.

Monday, March 3rd

Angel Olsen, Cian Nugent at Great American Music Hall

Angel Olsen is, emotionally, all over the place on her records. Live, it’s equal parts warm, chilling, and rocking. This is going to be one intense evening, and an excellent reason to go out on a Monday night.

Nicole Atkins, Arc Iris, Davey Horne at Slim’s

Tuesday, March 4th

Skinny Puppy, Baal at The Fillmore

The fact that Skinny Puppy still exists blows my mind. They’ve been through so many substances it’s insane. Happily, they’ve stayed around and alive and will melt your face clean off with their blend of avant garde and industrial.

Wednesday, March 5th

The Pizza Underground, Windham Flat, Toby Goodshank at Neck Of The Woods

Macaulay Culkin has kept a pretty low profile for the last few years. Little did we know that he had this amazing project hiding up his sleeves: a band that takes the music of The Velvet Underground, as well as off shoot projects, and rewrites them as an ode to pizza. I think that sums it up nicely, yes?

together PANGEA, Mozes And The Firstborn, Burning Curtains at Bottom Of The Hill

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