Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 1/15/14-1/22/14

by Christopher Rogers on January 15, 2014


Sometimes there are signs that insist on no bunny.

You need to know what concerts are coming to The Bay Area this week? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got folk rock, pop metal, malicious metal, the cosmic intersection of country and rock, and the most highly-weaponized pop that US dollars can purchase.

It’s a good week.

Here’s what’s coming up.

Thursday, January 16th

Nobunny at Skirt Chaser Vintage, Santa Rosa

Damaged garage rock bent on scaring and delighting dancers of just about any age. Pantsless-ness can not be guaranteed, but just expect that there will be some of that.

Friday, January 17th

Colin Meloy, John Roderick at The Fillmore, San Francisco

His target market and/or possible future fan club name = Comfortable People For Whimsy and Romance.

Saturday, January 18th

Midnight North, Red Meat, Sonny & The F*ckaroos, Sweet Chariot, Kelly McFarling, Sweet Felony, Sour Flower, Paula Frazer & Friends at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

It’s the 12th Annual edition of Sleepless Nights, a tribute to Gram Parsons and cosmic American music. Celebrate the life and musical trail-blazing of the former Cecil Ingram Connor III.

Sunday, January 19th

Pinback, Deathfix at Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco

So many tempos, so many beards.

Justin Timberlake at the Shark Tank, San Jose

The apotheosis of appropriative Western culture.

Monday, January 20th

Lavay Smith and Chris Siebert at The Royal Cuckoo, San Francisco

Come dance with Lavay Smith’s uptempo swing, classic jazz, and “little big band” stylings.

Tuesday, January 21st

Brian Eno and Danny Hillis at The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Famous-artist-guy Brian Eno helped found The Long Now, a foundation dedicated to nothing less than saving the shared knowledge of the human experience. This Tuesday, he’ll be talking about that at The Palace Of Fine Arts.

Wednesday, January 22nd

Ratt, Shotgun Harlot at the Phoenix Theater, Petaluma

A hair-metal band from the 1980s, the fact that Ratt are still touring on their single “Round And Round” is a testament to perseverance.

Thursday, January 23rd

Eyehategod, Graves At Sea, Hazzards Cure, Bedrucken at the Brick and Mortar, San Francisco

Sludge metal heroes from Louisiana, EHG have been upsetting people since you were old enough to scratch their name onto a Trapper Keeper with an Exacto. Come, embrace the misanthropy. The memory of Seth Putnam lives on in perpetuity.

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