Spinning Platters Interview: Maxim of The Prodigy

by Matthew Blake on October 22, 2013

Maxim DJ

Hailing from Essex, England, The Prodigy have attacked the electronic music universe for over twenty years, successfully blending punk, reggae, and dance music into sounds that have been constantly reinvented over time, all while driving their fans mad all over the world with their notoriously bone crushing live performances.  This I can personally attest to, being witness to gigs at The Fillmore and The Warfield, the only moments in my concert going history where I felt concerned for my safety, losing 10 lb. of sweat in the process.  At the forefront of this rebellion is longtime Prodigy MC, Maxim.  He has recently branched out into the DJ scene and in anticipation of his first ever tour, which includes a local appearance at 1015 Folsom on Friday, 10/25, I caught up with him during a busy schedule for a few questions.

How did you get started in the DJ role? What made you make the jump into the different role?

It started from the Prodigy dressing room after-shows. We would play music and I was always the one dropping tunes, so I decide to take it to the public.

What is it like with connecting with the audience behind the the decks versus emceeing?

Connecting with the people behind the decks is a challenge as I’m best with a mic in my hand, but I like a challenge and I enjoy playing music I’m into – that’s the bottom line. I can’t play music I’m not feeling, so if people like it, then good. If they don’t, then too bad!

Tell me about your MC, Cianna Blaze. Any plans to record together?

I’m planning on helping her write some more tracks as she has a good voice, plus she is a really good MC, which helps. When we play live she freestyles and we have a couple of tunes which she has voiced, so we do those live.

Any plans to produce your own solo material?

My solo days are over! I’m more interested in helping others. DJ music is fine to write, but I won’t be doing vocals. That, I leave in the band.

Who are some of your biggest influences musically? Are there any recent artists that peak your interests?

I don’t really have heroes in music. I love Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy (earlier music). There are a lot of individual tracks I like in the trap scene and producers Valentino Khan, Butch Clancy, Thugli, and SPL. I love the harder side of things.

How do you feel about the climate of electronic music nowadays compared to when you first started?

The climate for electronic music is good at the moment. There are tracks out there that excite me.  I’m not one of those guys who always say “it was better in my day!”. I move with the times, so music is always developing. I think it always goes in waves and certain sounds come back, because the trap scene music reminds me of the the music they had in the late 80’s. Bands like Zapp; tunes like “Computer Love, “Juicy fruit”, etc.

What have you enjoyed most here during your times in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I love looking around San Fran. It’s a beautiful place and very diverse. Can’t wait to come back.

Maxim performs this Friday night at 1015 Folsom


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