9 Quick Questions with Cody ChesnuTT

by Dakin Hardwick on August 29, 2013


Cody ChesnuTT is a mysterious figure. In 2002, he put out a record called The Headphone Masterpiece, which caught the attention of The Roots, prompting them to re-record the song “The Seed” as “The Seed 2.0,” creating The Roots first hit single on the rock charts. Then he disappeared for a decade, only to return last year with a whole new record of modern day soul music called Landing On A Hundred. He will be performing at The Independent on Saturday, September 7th. Tickets available here.

Why the ten year break between albums?

My spirit needed new information, so I simply lived life until I was informed enough to share a new body of work.

Headphone Masterpiece was such a lofi album. Landing On A Hundred, on the other hand, has a much more polished sound. What was behind this decision?

Everyone’s not into the lo-fi aesthetic. It was very important to me that these songs were recorded in the best way possible, so that the songs could be accessed by all.

How did you come up with your current “look” on stage? It’s a very eccentric and unique look.

The same I way come up with everything else, I listen to the spirit and energy of music—the various tones in it, and how it all wants to be communicated… on all levels. I feel my way through it.

Will you bring back any tracks from Headphone Masterpiece to your live show?

Not the ones that are dissonant with my current work, but I am looking at a few pieces that might work with where I am now.

This has been troubling me for a decade. What is “The Seed” actually about?

If you’re at the gig when I come to town, I’ll discuss it with you. I think it’ll be more interesting that way.

What are you listening to that I should be listening to?

Be on the look out for Patrice “The Rising of The Son”

Can we expect anything new for the next leg of this tour?

Yes! I’m going to experiment with some of the arrangements with a few of the tunes, along with whatever we can create in the moment.

Landing On A Hundred features a few tracks that are pretty political. Was there any fall out from these tracks?

Not to my knowledge.

Do you still talk to The Roots? Any chance at another collaboration in the future?

I had a chance to hang a bit with them recently in Rotterdam.We both played The North Sea Jazz Festival. It was really cool seeing everyone…I had not seen them in a minute.  Quest and I spoke briefly about the possibility of working together again.

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