Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 5/2/13-5/8/13

by Dakin Hardwick on May 1, 2013

Don't drink bleach. Go see Bleached! You have three opportunities this week!

Don’t drink bleach. Go see Bleached! You have three opportunities this week!

May is looking almost as crazy as April on the show front. And this time there isn’t a Coachella to blame it on. You just need to blame it on how awesome the bay area is! Now, got do some rocking. Or Else…

Thursday, May 2nd

Clinic, No Joy at Rickshaw Stop

Clinic, along with Iceland’s Sigur Ros, helped influence Radiohead’s transition from guitar rock band to the art rock behemoth that they are today. Unlike Sigur Ros, Clinic have remained pretty far underground. Which means, of course, you still get to see Clinic in the intimate confines of Rickshaw Stop. That’s one of the benefits of being in the know!

Robin Hitchcock at The Fillmore

Friday, May 3rd

Little Boots, Avan Lava, Feathers at Rickshaw Stop

Disco is not dead. It is alive & well with Little Boots, a woman that is one part disco queen and one part electro gadget geek. She channels the great Giorgio Morodor, balancing cold electronics with warm humanity in a nearly perfect way. What better way to spend your Friday night?


Killing Joke, Czar at The Fillmore

Saturday, May 4th

Bleached, Ex-Cops, Dirty Pillows, Spirit In The Water at The Blank Club

I literally cried the day Mika Miko broke up. They were simply one of the best punk bands working today. Happily, Jennifer & Jessie Clavin, 2/5’s of Mika Miko, have started their own band, Bleached. The punked up enthusiasm is still there, but they have grown as songwriters, creating a more mature version of their classic sound. But, don’t worry, you can still mosh to it. And, of course, if you don’t like to mosh, you can always enjoy dreamy power poppers Ex Cops, who will do a fine job opening the show.

Javelin, Helado Negro, Silver Hands at Rickshaw Stop

Sunday, May 5th

Javelin, Jamaican Queens at The New Parish

Luaka Bop is one of the greatest record labels in the history of the business. Originally dreamt up by David Byrne, it was a place where world music and other eccentric sounds could find a way into the homes of people around the world. Although less active than it used to be, they are still signing amazing acts, NY’s Javelin, a band that combines world music rhythms with Air-esque dreamscapes, creating a wholey unique new sound.

Bleached, Ex Cops, Cocktails at The Independent

The Rolling Stones at Oracle Arena

Monday, May 6th

Marina & The Diamonds, Charlie XCX at The Warfield

Marina Diamandis is one of the smartest and most passionate woman in pop music. Yes, her songs are catchy and you can dance to them, but her witty perspective on society in general is what will keep you listening to her songs over and over again. She is, by far, the best lyricist in modern pop music.

UV Race, Little Queenie, Cold Circuits at 1234 Go! Records

Bleached at Amoeba – San Francisc0

Three nights in a row! Why not?


Wednesday, May 8th

Kurt Vile & The Violators, The Fresh & Onlys, Steve Gunn at The Independent

Kurt Vile is one of the best songwriters to ever grace our presence. His ability to tell a story and flesh out characters puts him on par with songwriting icons like Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen. Last time he played in SF it was at The Fillmore. Next time in town he will be playing Outside Lands. Don’t miss your last shot to see him in such a small place.

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