A Music Nerds Guide To Noise Pop 2013

by Dakin Hardwick on February 25, 2013


Every year, for one week, the good people of Noise Pop with their epically refined tastes put together the best week of live music program of the year. And, of course, it could be highly intimidating as well. So, here is a well thought out guide to Noise Pop 2013.

Tuesday, February 26th

Body/Head, Horsebladder, Burmese, Noel von Harmonson at Rickshaw Stop

I can say with near 90% certainty that anyone reading this right now probably cried when they found out that Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were filing for divorce. In the eyes of every feedback-loving record store geek, they were the perfect couple. The bright side of Sonic Youth parting ways is that all four members had the opportunity to indulge in whatever whimsy they wish to indulge in. Body / Head is the latest project from Gordon, and it’s noisey. Where Moore and Lee Renaldo have find themselves putting out incredibly poppy records, Gordon is exploring noise in a way that only a veteran of one of the most respected experimental bands in rock history can.

For: Experimental Music Nerds, 90’s Music Nerds

San Francisco Rocks! Noise Pop and Treasure Island Photography 2007-2012 at Hotel Biron

Before we started Spinning Platters, I had no interest in rock photography. I simply noticed it. However, once I we started the blog, I ended up learning about this fine art, and I have become quite entranced with many fine photo journalists. The Bay Area has some the best photographers in the world, and this is going to be an actual display of some of the finest photos shot by the best photographers in the bay area. Believe me: when you see a photo that captures the light and magic of a performance and manages to put you back in that place, it’s a work of joy. And if this photo by the amazing Paige Parsons isn’t on display, then there is something wrong with this world.

For: Photography Nerds, Music Nerds that really like live music, but don’t like going to shows

Tycho pkp-4471

Wednesday, February 27th

Ceremony, Terry Malts, Comrade, Permanent Ruin, Synthetic ID at Rickshaw Stop

I believe that this band is named after a Joy Division song. I could be wrong, however that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are one of the most dynamic and fascinating hardcore punk bands on the scene today. They will assault the senses with an intense ferocity that nearly topples you over, and then they grab you right back with some brilliantly composed melodies.

For: Music Nerds that aren’t afraid to mosh

See A Little Light: A Celebration Of The Music and Legacy of Bob Mould at Artist’s Television Access

A little over a year ago, a crew of musicians got together at Walt Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles to pay tribute to the legendary frontman for Husker  Du and Sugar. The show ended up being this epic super show featuring Dave Grohl, Britt Daniels, Ryan Adams, Craig Finn, No Age, Grant Lee Phillips, Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver, Beck), No Age and MARGARET CHO!!! The concert was caught on film, and Noise Pop is presenting it in it’s entirety, plus a Q&A with the film’s director Justin Mitchell.

For: Cinema Nerds, Record Store Nerds

Thursday, February 28th

Francisco The Man, Kitten, Beach Party at Bender’s Bar & Grill

I go to a lot of shows. Probably 2-3 a week. I see enough bands that it takes quite a bit for me to be truly blown away. One band that consistently boggles my mind is Kitten. They are a new wave / punk band from Los Angeles, CA. It’s an easy city for a band that does that kind of music to get lost in, but Kitten aren’t your average new wave / punk band. The secret weapon is Chloe Chaidez, one of the most dynamic front people in music history.

For: Nerds With Good Taste

Tiny Television 15th Anniversary Party at Tiny Telephone

We all love records. But many of us don’t know much about how they are made. So, for the first time every, civilians get to tour the legendary studio that brought us classic records by the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, tUnE-yArDs, Explosions In The Sky, Mates Of State, and many, many more fine bands. Every engineer on staff is due to be at this event, as well as John Vanderslice. This will be a fun and fascinating look at some of our favorite things.

For: Record Nerds

Taken By Storm: The Art Of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis at Artist Television Access

And after you are done learning about the inside the records, you can learn about the outside of the records. Storm Thorgerson designed some of the most memorable album covers in recorded music history, included classic records by Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, and The Cranberries to name a few.

For: Record Nerds, Art Nerds


Friday, March 1st

The Thermals, Dirty Ghosts, The She’s, Ev Kain at Rickshaw Stop

Sometimes I really enjoy highly progressive, experimental music. And, sometimes, I just need meaty, guitar driven rock & roll. The Thermals aren’t re-inventing the auditory wheel, but they are good fun. It’s also sold out, so you are going to need to buy a badge to enjoy this show.

For: Music Nerds and people that aren’t Nerds at all.

Amon Tobin (DJ Set), Maus Haus, Naytronix, Group Rhoda at Public Works

Brazilian DJ Amon Tobin spent the majority of the last year touring his ISAM project, which was a grand soundscape accompanied by an insane light show built on giant cubes. Tonight we are getting a classic DJ set after sets by bay area avant tronica masters Maus Haus and Naytronix.

For: Music Tech Nerds

Saturday, March 2nd

The Coup’s Shadowbox at Inner Mission

The Coup manage to fuse together socially conscious hip hop and and psychedelic rock. Tonight, however, they are taking it up several notches by adding Jazz Mafia Horns and Bhi Binham, as well as street artist Jon-Paul Bail. Yes, we are getting an epic performance by one of the best bands out there, while watching an artist create a work right in front of you.

For: Civics Nerds, Hip Hop Nerds

Yacht, Tussle, Future Twin, Shock at Slim’s

Yacht are one part electronic pop group, one part avant garde performance art duo. They fall somewhere between Yoko Ono, Erasure, and Lady Gaga, making for a fascinating and fun Saturday night show outing.

For: Performance Art Nerds

Sunday, March 3rd

Let The Fury Have The Hour at Artist’s Television Access

Let The Fury Have The Hour is a film by Anonino D’Ambrosio about how artists use their work to promote social change. After the film, we will be getting a brief musical performance by Sean Hayes, as well as a Q&A with D’Ambrosio and popular artist Shepherd Fairey.

For: Film Nerds, Civics Nerds

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