Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 1/24/13-1/30/13

by Dakin Hardwick on January 23, 2013

Playing two nights at the Fillmore!!

Playing two nights at the Fillmore!!

Just go to a show. Any show. Please support live music. Here’s how!

Thursday, January 24th

Ken Stringfellow, The Maldives, Will Sprott at Brick & Mortar Social Club

It’s been a long time since The Posies last played the bay area… Ken Stringfellow had been concentrating on his work with Big Star primarily until Alex Chilton’s passing a few years ago. I’m happy to say that he’s released a new record, the brilliantly titled Danzig In The Moonlight. He’s playing the incredibly intimate Brick & Mortar Social Club, and hopefully we will get tracks from his very deep and brilliant power pop catalog at this show.

Friday, January 25th

The Walkmen, Father John Misty at The Fillmore

How did The Walkmen end up playing two nights at The Fillmore in 2013? There isn’t any “renewed interest” in the band… No, the called upon former Fleet Foxes drummer Father John Misty as the “support.” He put out one of the best best records of 2012, and is an amazing talent. His live shows are full of weird energy and great musicianship. So, yeah, go to this show. And everyone is gonna leave early, so if you are into The Walkmen, it’s going to be really comfortable show.

In case you were trying to remember that song you think you know by The Walkmen, here it is:

Blackalicious, Kev Choice, Raw G at The New Parish

Saturday, January 26th

Betty Blowtorch, Jessie Deluxe, Lazerwolf at The Uptown Nightclub

From the “never thought this would happen” file- Betty Blowtorch, the great all female hard rock band from the late 90’s broke up when the lead singer Bianca Butthole was killed in a car accident in 2001. Well, they are back on the road with a “revolving cast of guest vocalists” doing the catchy, naughty songs that this group played so well. Don’t miss this show, because it’s not likely to happen again.

Trainwreck Riders, Porkchop Express, Joseph Childress at El Rio

Sunday, January 27th

Penatonix at The Warfield

It’s kind of surprising that it took a network TV game show to get the world listening to acapella music for the first time in years. The last time I think we had an all acapella group with a hit, it was Shai in the early 90’s. Expect some serious vocal pyrotechnics at this gig.

Daikon, Joyride, C’Est Dommage, Future Space and Time at Knockout

Monday, January 28th

Muse, Band Of Skulls at Oracle Arena

Muse released an Olympic anthem of sorts last year called “Survival,” and it was immediately lambasted by music critics everywhere. You wanna know why? Because it was a fantastic Muse track, having everything Muse is good for: bombastic, bigger than life songs that don’t care what you think about them. Muse has fans all over the world because they are true to themselves, even as they seemingly go off the musical deep end. A Muse show is a real arena rock experience, and shouldn’t be missed.

Tuesday, January 29th

Cody ChesnuTT, Siddhartha at The Independent

Cody ChesnuTT is amazing. He’s on track to putting out one record per decade, but when he does put that one record out, he hits it out of the park. 2002’s The Headphone Masterpiece is an epic piece of lofi R&B: kind of what would happen if Curtis Mayfield joined Ween. 2012’s Landing On A Hundred is another rock and soul album, only much more grown up and proves that you can still be passionate and weird when you are a responsible adult. Both records are pure genius, and this show will be one of the best things you’ll go to all year. And, yes, it’s only the 29th day of the month.

Tristan Prettyman, Paul Cannon at Great American Music Hall

Yes, she’s a model whose last name is Prettyman. I can’t help that… However, she’s still an gifted songwriter with a warm and buttery voice. Just get past the pun of her name, and you’ll enjoy a great show.

Wednesday, January 30th

Local Natives, Superhumanoids at The Fox Theater – Oakland

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