Show Review: Matt & Kim with Oberhofer at The Fox Theater, 10/26/12

by Marie Carney on October 28, 2012

Matt & Kim

I decided to see Matt & Kim on a whim and a general sense that it would be a good show.  I’ve seen them once before and remembered it being full of fun and positive energy, which is exactly what I needed after a sucky week at work. I just hoped I remembered them correctly.

The opening band Oberhofer sounded like indie-fied surf rock during the first couple songs but their music became more complex and varied as the show went on.  They did some things I love (using instruments like glockenspiel and theremin) and some things I hate (noisy jam breaks) sometimes even during the same song, which left me jumping back and forth between love for them and mild amusement.  Since interesting instrumentation and unpredictable song structure is always good while weird intense jam-y bits are a personal pet peeve my enjoyment of the band ended up winning my internal conflict


The audience for their part was attentive if not overly enthusiastic. I will say that I stood in six different places during their set, and people were not ignoring the band and talking except for one of those places.  Pretty damn good for an opener, especially as a lot of people were still arriving during their set.   Their song “o0Oo0Oo” seemed to get the most screams from the crowd though the band kept their energy up throughout the set with no noticeable low points. The singer/guitarist and the bass player were especially good showmen, running around the stage and striking rock poses. Overall they were catchy and interesting; quite worth checking out.

When Matt & Kim came out the room immediately filled with joy.  Both Matt and Kim were beaming smiles in to the audience and acknowleding specific audience members with points and smiles, so that even before they started playing everyone watching was smiling and having a good time too. Kim Schifino in particular has the most contagious and ever present smile.  It is impossible to look at her and not feel the happiness radiating from her.  I love that this band exists and is able to night after night play their music so happily.

Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim

The music itself is as fun and upbeat as the two band members seem.  It was a  set full of short, fast and dancey numbers that helped to keep the fun going.  The two times the band “slowed it down” the slowing was relative, it was still faster and full of more energy than most bands.  As expected Matt did most of the singing but Kim did take a break from the drums to sing one song, requesting that the audience hold up “things that make light” for her.

Though the whole show was great all my favorite parts were non musical.  They spoke to the audience full of fans like friends and told some fun short stories.  They were quite candid too with Kim saying that “You know when you do something really embarassing in front of your boyfriend’s parents? Well, that just happened to me.  Matt’s parents are here.” and Matt stating towards the end of their set “I wish I had more songs I can play well.” so the evening didn’t have to end.

Matt Johnson of Matt & Kim

All in all, if you ever have a bad week or a bad day, Matt & Kim are the perfect antidote. They are talented, engaging and effervescent. The perfect anit-depressant.

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