Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 10/11/12-10/17/12

by Dakin Hardwick on October 10, 2012

Thursday at The New Parish!

We’ve reached the mid way point in “Rocktober,” and things certainly aren’t mellow… I may be at a show all 7 of these days. You will be, too!

Thursday, October 11th

Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mic Eagle at The New Parish

Busdriver is a rapper by profession. At least, that’s what he calls himself. He’s more than that. Far more than that. He is one of the most interesting producers in music, and his record Beaus$Eros is one of the best records you haven’t heard yet. Seriously, this guy is a genius, and for only $10 you get to be in the presence of genius in downtown Oakland.

JEFF The Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, Colleen Greene at Bottom Of The Hill

Friday, October 12th

The Presets, K Flay at The Independent

A lot of people get The Presets confused for fellow Australians, Cut Copy, including our Editor In Chief. Although they are similar in style, The Presets are more of a dark party band in the style of Depeche Mode. They play as a duo: drum set forwards, and dare people not to move to their percussive beat. Good luck with that! (Gordon Elgart)

Smashing Pumpkins, Anberlin at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Joshua Radin, A Fine Frenzy, Lucy Schwartz at The Warfield

Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th

Treasure Island Music Festival

Seriously. There is nothing else you should be doing this weekend. At all. Yeah, the San Francisco Burrito and Comedy Festival looks like fun, but there is simply no music festival better than this one. The vibe is perfect, the view is stunning, and the music is always fantastic. How awesome will it be it watch M83 play as the sun is setting?

(A quick message to the Burrito and Comedy organizers: I totally would have bought tickets to this if you booked for any other weekend in October)

Monday, October 15th

David Byrne and St Vincent at The Orpheum Theater

About 80% of the time, when collaborative records like David Byrne & St Vincent’s Love This Giant are released, there is a lot of hype, but usually those records are only good for a few novelty listens, and are then quickly forgotten about. This is not one of those records. In fact, this is a rare instance where the record is greater than the some of it’s parts. They did this by challenging each others’ sensibilities and producing a record that doesn’t sound like either artist. I know it’s still early, but I’m pretty sure that this album will be topping nearly everyone’s end of the year list. And if you don’t go to this show, you are utterly foolish.

The Sheepdogs, Black Box Revelation at Rickshaw Stop

Tuesday, October 16th

Woods at The New Parish

This band is disturbingly productive. They put out an excellent record of stunning, dreamy pop music every year. And hit the road. And run a record label. And put together a multi day music festival in Big Sur every year. Busy, busy guys they are…

Wednesday, October 17th

Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

If you need me to tell you why this show is important, then you really shouldn’t be reading this column…

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