Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 3/15/12-3/21/12

by Gordon Elgart on March 15, 2012

The guys who baked these rolls are at the Fillmore on Tuesday night.

Just because half of the music blog world, including many Spinning Platterers (Spinning Platypuses?), are off in Austin at SXSW doesn’t mean that the music stops up here in the Bay Area. We’ve even got a unique and fantastic event this coming weekend that will blow the lid off of anything being offered down South this weekend. And no, that’s not just me being envious of those partying in Austin, although I am. So those of us left behind, we so-called SXSF folks, where will we be? Read on!

Thursday, March 15

Willie Nelson  with Pegi Young at The Fox Oakland

The last time I saw Willie Nelson, he finished playing a song and then started the same song again by mistake. No one said anything. That’s because he’s a living legend, and if he wants to be so high he forgets what he’s playing, he’s allowed.

Too Short at The New Parish in Oakland

I know nothing about hip-hop, but my friends who do all love Too Short. I think they’re right, based on this video.

Friday, March 16

Puscifer with Carina Round at the Palace of Fine Arts

You never know what you’ll get at a Puscifer show. Neon weirdness? Country music? It’s always odd, and sometimes wonderful. And no matter what happens, you get Maynard James Keenan and Tim “Herb” Alexander. You can’t lose.

Drive-By Truckers with Robert Ellis at The Fillmore

Still on the road, still rocking.

Saturday, March 17

Creators Project San Francisco at Fort Mason

This is a free show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Murphy, Squarepusher, HEALTH, The Antlers, and more. Did I say FREE? Well, yes, but there was an RSVP link that spat out tickets to lucky people this week, and if you didn’t get one, then you can go on Sunday when the music is gone but the “project” is still there. And it’s not like this project isn’t spectacular — it’s technologically fueled art installations, the likes of which you’ve never seen, and may never again. It’s like Burning Man with microchips, but a lot smaller, and less sandy, and with fewer drugs, and a lot less people, and way more corporate sponsorship … and well … it’s nothing like Burning Man. But it should look amazing, and if you can find your way in on Saturday, it’ll sound good, too.

And for those without tickets: this is a free show, so there will be people dumping tickets by the handful on Craigslist and at the venue. Don’t lose hope. And don’t pay. Just wait for the price to drop to zero.

Your local Irish pub

Find the one that has an Irish band and some Guinness on tap. If you order anything other than a Guinness tonight, you’re fired.

Sunday, March 18

The Amazing Embarrassonics with Metal Circus at Bottom of the Hill (Afternoon BBQ!)

This is a benefit for KUSF, which should be enough of a reason for you to go. It’s also a rare appearance by this live band that will let you sing with them. It’s like karaoke, but you’ll feel way more like a rock star. Opening is a Husker Du cover band, and making an appearance is BBQ as Bottom of the Hill, a rarity that an entire “generation” of San Franciscans has probably missed.

Little Feat at The Uptown Theater in Napa

Let it roll tonight!

Monday, March 19

I’ve got nothing for tonight. That means it would be a great night to start a band! I’m your drummer. Give me a call.

Tuesday, March 20

Kaiser Chiefs at The Fillmore

This show has been on the calendar for The Fillmore so long, I nearly forgot about it. That would be silly, because the Kaiser Chiefs put on a great live show. Back when touring the first album, lead singer Ricky Wilson hurt his ankle, so when he played in San Francisco he was jumping around the stage with crutches at the ready. This is an adrenalin-pumping live band, and though the hits aren’t really happening for them anymore, you’ll love it.

Japan Night 2012 – Vampillia, ZZZ’s, NOKIES!, Kao=S and soundrug at The Independent

An annual tradition brings obscure Japanese indie rock to the Independent, and it’s inevitably a can’t miss show, even if you know no one on the bill. It’s anyone’s guess as to which band will be the best. It’s a night full of surprises.  But since it’s anyone’s guess, here’s mine:

Wednesday, March 21

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at The Regency Ballroom

A friend of mine recently said that going to see this band was a way to hear American folk tunes with a deep bass groove. That sounds about right. This is an American tradition, so be American and see it!

Of Montreal with Deerhoof and Kishi Bashi at Slim’s

Of Montreal outgrew Slim’s years ago, both in popularity and theatricality, but they’ll bring both to one of their old haunts, so see one of my favorite things — big band, small venue — tonight. Also, Deerhoof, is the support, and they could headline here by themselves, so the Of Montreal set is practically free.

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