Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 3/9/12-3/14/12

by Gordon Elgart on March 9, 2012

Opening for Guster at Palace of Fine Arts on Wednesday

This weekly show preview is a day late. This makes me very Twilight Sad because that was the show I would have told you to see. Because of this, I’m going to have make up for my mistake, and suggest even better shows than normal. So stick with me; this next week is going to be fun.

Friday, March 9

Counting Crows with Tender Mercies at Slim’s (WAY sold out — stick a finger in the air and hope)

Big band, small club, few tickets, Good luck!

Foreverland with Livewire at Bimbo’s 365 Club

An electrifying 14-piece tribute to Michael Jackson, eh? Like other Michael Jackson tributes, there’s multiple singers, because no one can find just one person good enough to be Michael Jackson. Their somewhat cheeseball promo video will make you want to hire them for your event, although can I forgive the lyrical flubs? Not so sure …

Saturday, March 10

Flogging Molly with Suedehead and Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss at The Fox Oakland

Some of the best times I’ve ever spent at a show were spent at Flogging Molly shows. Warm up your vocal chords, drink some Guinness, and head to Oakland on Saturday night to spend some of the best times you’ve ever spent at a show. You’ll want to be sure you know the songs in the videos below:

Sunday, March 11

Jordan Knight: Live & Unfinished at Yoshi’s SF

I went to college with a kid who looked JUST LIKE Jordan Knight. So when the New Kids were playing in town, we dressed him up like Jordan Knight and walked around outside the show. That was fun. Anyway, he’s no longer in stadiums with the full band, but out promoting his newest solo album, Unfinished. But it’s more likely you’re going to this show to hear some New Kids on the Block classics. Will he play them? My scouts say that if the crowd has the right stuff, baby, he’ll do that one at least.

Choir of Young Believers with Lime Colony at Bottom of the Hill

One of those European should-be-a-buzz-band bands. They do chamber pop with dynamic shifts all over the place, and they’re really good at it.

Monday, March 12

The Joy Formidable with A Place to Bury Strangers and Big Black Delta at The Independent

I’ve written several thousand words about The Joy Formidable over the last couple of years, so I’ll keep this short. They’re awesome. But wow, look at this: A Place to Bury Strangers opens? That means that this show will be loud, out of control, and involve many broken instruments and eardrums. Don’t let this happen to you. Wear earplugs to this show. Also, maybe a helmet.

Tuesday, March 13

Islands with Idiot Glee at The Hotel Utah (two shows: 7PM and 10:15PM)

I’m always forgetting about The Hotel Utah. Note to self: don’t forget The Hotel Utah! Because if I do, I’ll miss out on shows like the terminally underrated Islands playing this living room of a venue. You just kinda hang out here, leaning against poles, sitting on cushy chairs, maybe the ground, and see great live music. It’s a terrific venue and a terrific band. The early show is sold out, so get yourself to the late show. What have you got to wake up for the next day, anyway?

The Joy Formidable with A Place to Bury Strangers and Big Black Delta at The Independent

Yes, please still wear earplugs. Did I tell you it got violent the last time I saw A Place to Bury Strangers?

Wednesday, March 14

Guster with The Submarines at Palace of Fine Arts

This is Guster, acoustic with strings. That sounds like a great way to see these guys. Maybe they’ll play my all-time favorite song of theirs, the original, somewhat happier lyric version of “Bury Me.” (As opposed to the somewhat sadder lyric “Bury Me” from the Goldfly album.) And then you can also see the sugary pop wonderfulness of The Submarines on the same night. All while getting yourself to the Palace of Fine Arts, and saying things like “wow, I forgot how beautiful this building is” as you see its reflection in the pond.

Did you know Guster played Woodstock 99 (otherwise known as the shitty Woodstock)? I didn’t know that until I was finding a video of the fan favorite, “Airport Song,” for this piece.

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