Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 1/19/12-1/25/12

by Dakin Hardwick on January 19, 2012

Although SF Sketchfest begins this week, there is still plenty of music in the city this weekend, too! It’s time to get your ear plugs warmed up — mostly cause it’s really cold out — and get moving!

Thursday, January 19th

Katy B, The Good Natured, Takashi Miyaki at Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)

This UK sensation has more genre hyphenates associated with her than most people have hairs on their head. I listen to her, and I don’t quite understand where 90% of them come from. But, what she does is pure, fun dance pop. And if you see her at Popscene, you have serious bragging rights in store!

Dashboard Confessional, Barcelona at Slim’s

I once wrote a song called “I Sing Whiny Sings So Cute Girls With Glasses Want To Lick My Tattoos.” I wrote that song in 2001.

Friday, January 20th

Oona, TIGERcat, The Thrill Of It All, Ninja Betty at Red Devil Lounge

There are plenty of reasons to shop local, but one of the best places to put your money into is local music. And, of course, one of my favorite is the dance rock band from the north bay Oona, named after the stunning and charismatic Oona Goldwaithe. This show is one of the best $10 investments you can make in you Friday night!

NOFX, No Use For A Name, Old Man Markley at The Fillmore

Or you can go see those local bands, instead! These ones are a little more famous…

Saturday, January 21st

Theophilus London, K Flay, Nick Waterhouse at Mezzanine

This is a killer bill, with New York’s new king of minor key electro funk, Theophilus London, and the Bay Area’s smarted rapper, K Flay, rocking a Saturday night party. If the music wasn’t reason enough, the first 100 paying customers get a free PBR Tall Boy! Hooray for free beer!

NOFX, Lagwagon, Old Man Markley at The Fillmore

No free beer, but you have another chance at seeing these guys!

Sunday, January 22nd

Wu Tang Clan, Moe Green at The Regency Ballroom

One of the risks you take with Wu Tang Clan is that you may never know how many are going to show up. But, with the amount of pure talent in this group, even if you only get half of them, you still end up with 5 of the most innovative musicians to ever grace the hip hop community.

Pathology, Impaled, Feast, Viral at 924 Gilman St

Monday, January 23rd

Wolves In The Throne Room, Worm Ouroboros, Ash Borer at Slim’s

Usually I’m not a fan of the prog metal. Maybe because most prog metal bands are a little too “nice.” That’s where Wolves In The Throne Room come in. Yes, the songs are long and have several movements, but they will also melt your face off! So, enjoy a Monday Night out, but remember to bring a spare face. Just in case!

Tuesday, January 24th

An Evening With Ann Magnuson at Yoshi’s – Oakland

Magnuson has been an underground icon for the last 35  years… She started out in doing performance art as part of the New York punk scene of the late 70’s, did plenty of acting in the 80’s, and played in cult band Bongwater in the 90’s. For this show, she will be doing a cabaret tribute to the coming apocalypse. It’s going to be wonderful & wacky.

Wednesday, January 25th

Tom Tom Club, The Fixx at Mezzanine

An unexpected pairing of tour partners, if I’ve ever seen one. But it’s a brilliant one, too! Tom Tom Club are The Talking Heads’ amazing rhythm section doing their own brand of cheery funk music. The Fixx managed to fuse together New Wave and Power Pop, and created their own unique sound.

The Avengers, Factory Minds, Boats! at The Blank Club

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