Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 11/24/11-11/30/11

by Dakin Hardwick on November 24, 2011

Fans of the band playing Mezzanine on Friday Night

Happy Thanksgiving, loyal SpinningPlatters readers!

Thursday, November 24th

Digital Underground, Souls Of Mischief at Mezzanine

Normally, I discourage people going out on major holidays. I, generally, don’t think it’s fair to make people work. But, then I saw this show. Really? Digital Underground and Souls Of Mischief on the same bill? At MEZZANINE? The only thing that this show is missing is a reunion of The Click! I think an evening of old school, bay area hip hop is perfect for counteracting the effects of triptophan.

Friday, November 25th

Plaid, John Tejada, Portable Sunsets at Mezzanine

Plaid are one of the most difficult bands out there to describe. Thankfully, I’m not the writer reviewing them. They’ve been doing dark and atmospheric music that may or may not be influenced by acid house for over 20 years. I’m going to stop here and tell you to just listen:

Rachael Yamagata, Mike Viola at Slim’s

Saturday, November 26th

Boys Noize at Mezzanine

Yes, Mezzanine is on fire this holiday weekend. This show will be a wonderful evening of spazzy beats by this Berlin DJ. Get your frantic dance on at Mezzaine this Saturday night?

Latryx (Lyrics Born & Lateef The Truth Speaker), Bayonics, Shotgun Wedding Quartet at The Independent

Sunday, November 27th

Between The Buried And Me, Animals As Leaders, Tesseract at The Fillmore

Hmm… A metal band that got their name from a Counting Crows lyric? How bizarre…

Poor Bailey, Yawpers, The Rabble at Hemlock Tavern

Monday, November 28th

I’ll give you this Monday off…

Tuesday, November 29th

Melt-Banana, Retox, Peace Creep at Bottom Of The Hill

I have a “bucket list” of bands that I still haven’t seen, that I’d like to see before they stop playing. The absolute #1 band on that list? It’s Melt-Banana. Their jittery, noisey brand of ecstatic punk rock simply boggles my mind. Maynard James Keenan and Mike Patton are both big fans of this band, you should be, too!

Girl In A Coma, Fences, Dolorata at The Independent

Not a Smiths tribute band.

Wednesday, November 30th

Dan Deacon at The New Parish

This classically trained beatmaker may be one of the most charismatic performers in electronic music. Armed with only a laptop and his own personal sense theater, he puts the crowd in the palm of his hand, and forces them to do as he wishes. Just watch this time lapse video of an entire Dan Deacon show in 5 minute. Sorry, there is no band at this show but it will still be awesome.

Rhett Miller, Michael Cappozolla at Swedish American Hall


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