Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 11/17/11-11/23/11

by Gordon Elgart on November 16, 2011

Opening for The Sounds on Saturday night at The Warfield

Dakin’s taking the week off from recommending shows. He’s busy shopping for just the right turkey for his Thanksgiving dinner, I guess. Personally, I recommend getting a bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau to bring wherever you do end up going for Thanksgiving. It’s the ultimate Thanksgiving wine.  But enough booze talk. Let’s go see some shows! (And don’t forget to tip your bartenders.)

Thursday, November 17

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings at the Uptown in Napa

Stephen Stills with Pegi Young at the Opera House in Napa

It’s Napa night tonight! Go up there, get some wine and BBQ, and see some shows. You get the sweet soul sister, Sharon Jones, and her tight-ass band, the Dap Kings at the gorgeous Uptown Theater in Napa. That’s where I would be. But others will go see Stephen Stills with Pegi Young, founder of the Bridge School, opening. I say, for tonight, if you can’t see the concert you want to, love the concert you see.

Friday, November 18

Martin Solveig at Ruby Skye

 Now I’m not usually the person who’s going to recommend going to Ruby Skye on a Friday night. You’re not going to see me wearing Axe Body Spray and a douchey shirt and hitting the dance floor, looking to find some honey to dance up on.  But I may be there tonight, because I really love his Smash album, especially this track:

Marketa Iglova with Sean Rowe at Great American Music Hall

Saturday, November 19

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds with The Hours at The Orpheum Theater

Oasis broke up (temporarily, of course), and both Gallagher brothers did their own solo projects. Liam did Beady Eye, which was not so good. And Noel, as the songwriter of Oasis, did an album that sounds like an Oasis album. And since Noel sang the band’s best song (“Don’t Look Back in Anger”), we already knew he could sing. If this show is half as good as the famous Oasis Unplugged episode where Noel had to sing it all, it will be great.

The Sounds with The Limousines at The Warfield Theater

We’re all such busy people, so even though we have time for new friends, we don’t have time to see this show. But if you’re going, make sure to get there early to see The Limousines so my first sentence makes sense, and also hope that The Sounds play their best song.

The Budos Band with Pleasuremaker at The Mezzanine

An Evening with Holcombe Waller at St. Cyprian’s Church

Sunday, November 20

Pink Martini at The Paramount Theater

I’ve never seen Storm Large before, but a friend who has said, “OMG she’s amaaaazing!” And since Pink Martini’s lead singer, China Forbes, has been taking some time off, they’ve been using special guest singers when playing live. We get Storm Large, who is apparently amazing. Why, let’s just look at the clip and find out just what makes her so special. Oh, interesting …

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at The HP Pavilion

 Everyone knows this band for their Christmas music. They do “guitar wanking versions of Christmas songs.” (Thanks, babe, for the apt description.) They’ve done some non-Christmas concept albums, including the woefully ignored Beethoven’s Last Night. On this album, you’ll find the not-sports-stadium-classic-but-should-be song, “Fate.”

Fate by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Mirah with Kacey Johansing at The New Parish

Monday, November 21

Katy Perry with Ellie Goulding at Oracle Arena

I have no idea what this show will be like, but I do know that what you’ll get is a pop diva that can’t dance. Will she have lots of dancers so that you don’t notice? Or will they try to give her choreography that’ll make it look like she can dance? I know that there’s a good chance you’ll get an acoustic number or two so that she can prove she can REALLY sing. But most of all, you’ll get big pop hits. There aren’t a lot of these anymore, so it’s good to get them when you can. Also, Ellie Goulding is freaking great.

Noah and the Whale with Nikki Lane at Great American Music Hall

Tuesday, November 22

Cynic with Scale the Summit and 3 at Slim’s

In the sub-sub-genre known as technical progressive metal, Cynic are absolute legends. They put out a classic album called Focus in 1993, and then nothing else for 15 years. There simply isn’t much call for this style of music. But when people do call for it, Cynic is what they want to hear, so when the Internet brought sub-genres and sub-sub-genres bubbling up into people’s heads, Cynic was right there to take their rightful place as genre leaders. And in this tour, they bring along two other progressive metal stalwarts, so it’s absolutely one to see. Air guitar is encouraged.

Wednesday, November 23

tUnE-yArDs with Pat JORDACHE at The Regency Ballroom

There’s not a lot of excuses left in the world for up-down typing. That went out with AOL. But I’ll give Merrill Garbus a pass; she’s awesome. Her album, Who Kill, is a leading contender for our album of the year, and live, she just brings it. Looped ukulele. Nuff said. Opener Pat JORDACHE also brings abnormal capitalization to the bill as well as a whole mess of interesting material. These two used to be bandmates, so will they play together? Better get there early to find out.


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