Album Review: Playing In The Streets – Right There For You

by Laura Hamilton on July 29, 2011

I have received a lot of free music over the years and all of it has either been good enough to steal or bad enough to be free. I’m happy to say that this was a rare exception to my klepto habit from an up and coming Antioch rock group called Playing in the Streets and their new album Right There for You.

Love is the consistent theme on this album and it almost takes you through the stages of most young relationships – the pursuit, the turmoil, and finally the self loathing fast food binging breakup. Their hit single appears to be the first track “Take My Hand,” but you will find my favorite at the end: “Again and Again.” The Morrissey in me loves a good woeful ballad. Cheer up lads, your lady will return.

These hopeless rocker romantics have been playing together since before they were even legal. We have 90’s Vedder look-alike Joey Smahl on the mic, funnyman Jordan Davis on guitar, Dexter loving John Bell on the base, and the beefy arms of John Lasack on the drums.

This unsigned ensemble may have a long journey ahead of them to reach rock super-stardom, but they are on their way thanks to their online outreach to reach new fans. They have open communication channels with their fans on Facebook, Twitter, and  Myspace, all of which includes tour dates, free downloads of their album), pictures, and consistently funny video blog posts thanks to Youtube. They even have their own video version of Friday by Rebecca Black. Their website sells band gear, yes, much needed band gear sales that can buy them burritos at Chipotle and gas money for gigs.

These guys are true starving artists, but they have made it into the battle of the bands semi-finals, so if you want to give them some support, here are a few helpful links:

Planning Bar Mitzvah? Hire them to play, it’s a way better gift than a gift certificate to Applebee’s: [email protected]

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