Spinning Platters Weekly Guide to Bay Area Concerts, 7/21/11-7/27/11

by Dakin Hardwick on July 20, 2011

Appearing at The Regency Ballroom

There’s a whole lotta indoor gigs for you this week… Perfect for getting out of the brisk cold July air. Now, got get your groove on!

Thursday, July 21st

Soundgarden, The Mars Volta at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

One of the most innovative and influential bands in the history of rock is playing it’s first show in the bay area in many years after a series of interesting, experimental solo records by the primary creative force in the band.  Oh yeah, and Soundgarden are playing, too!

Betty Lavette at Yoshi’s – Oakland

Foxtails Brigade, The Botticellis, Judgement Day at The New Parish

Friday, July 22nd

The Velvet Teen, Silian Rail, Worker Bee, Not To Reason Why at Great American Music Hall

San Jose has had a secret music scene for a number of years, with many great and innovative bands working hard in the valley of Silicon. The land of Smash Mouth has also brought us such great pop music innovators such as Xiu Xiu and The Velvet Teen. And this Friday night, The Velvet Teen are finally moving up to the big rooms, playing the legendary Great American Music Hall. This is the biggest night so far for this wonderful, dearly underrated band.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All at Regency Ballroom

Ben Folds, Kenton Chen at The Warfield

Saturday, July 23rd

Wallpaper., A B & The Sea, The Hood Internet at Great American Music Hall

If there ever was a band that embodied Saturday Night in July, it’s Wallpaper. They simply sound like a drunken sleazy night where all you want to do is get naked and find someone to get naked with. So, if you are looking to get drunk and naked, go to this show. (Spinning Platters is not responsible for anyone that ends up getting kicked out of this show, nor anyone that gets arrested or pregnant as a direct result of such)

Uni & Her Ukelele, Eliza Black, Tik Tik Fly at The Uptown Nightclub

Sunday, July 24th

Dolly Parton at Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord

Do I really need to try to convince you to go see Dolly Parton? I mean, it’s Dolly Parton for crying out loud! The greatest American ever!

Monday, July 25th – Tuesday, July 26th

Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile & The Violators at The New Parish (Mon) and Great American Music Hall (Tues)

In one of those genius package tours, we have the current king of mopy noise folk co-headlining a tour with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. This may be the only show where you will need both earplugs and kleenex.

Monday, July 25th

Fucked Up, Trash Talk at The Independent

The best part about being a blog? We don’t have to bleep out this band’s name. And who is Fucked Up? The greatest band to come out of Canada since DOA/Barenaked Ladies/Bran Van 3000/cub/Rush (whichever band you think is the last great Canadian band), and they are touring their strongest record yet- the punk rock opera David Comes To Life. This band’s life show has been described as the equivalent to learning how to masturbate at summer camp with your best friend. And everyone wants to relive that!

Tuesday, July 26th

Queens Of The Stone Age, Les Butcherettes at Catalyst

Looking for a reason to spend a Tuesday in Santa Cruz? This one is a pretty good excuse if I’ve ever thought of one… Seeing two crazy bands in the 800 capacity Catalyst. The pizza is pretty good, too!

Wednesday, July 27th

Average White Band at Yoshi’s – Oakland

Just take a minute out and imagine yourself, wearing a three piece suit or a slinky mini dress, looking like a million dollars in the hottest club in town. You are sipping a dry martini and this song is playing:

Grass Widow, Cold Showers, Dunes, Petals at Thee Parkside

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Marie July 20, 2011 at 10:46 pm

Dakin! The Velvet Teen are a north bay band! Just cause you saw them first at the Los Gatos High School teen center doesn’t mean they’re a south bay band.


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